I hate what Blizzard has done to Starcraft through the recent controversy.

starcraft 10 - I hate what Blizzard has done to Starcraft through the recent controversy.

This is a venting post more than anything. I'm just so god damn angry at (Activision-)Blizzard's heinous actions and the ripple effect it's had on Starcraft (and all their games basically). I feel paralyzed by the moral responsibilities that have become attached to my favourite game.

Starcraft is really the only blizzard game I've played for a few years, and to be honest, it's the only one I cared to play for my own enjoyment instead of playing with friends. So it's not hard for me to boycott other games since I wasn't all that invested to begin with. But with Starcraft, it's the game I've put hours into to improve at. It's like playing a local sport—I play it to relax as much as I do to compete.

Now, because Blizzard decided not just to abandon all integrity but actually support a regime that violates human rights, the game I love has been tainted. I feel sick to my stomach personally for liking a game that's intrinsically connected to moral bankruptcy. What's more, is I'm under pressure from my friend groups because I love Starcraft and try to be a part of the community. A few people have even thrown the ultimatum at me that if I don't quit playing, then I'm complicit with Blizzard's actions.


I'm especially angry because I don't think that stance is entirely wrong. The argument that it's okay to play as long as you don't give Blizzard your money is not morally satisfying. It's like saying it would be okay to wear clothes from a brand that uses sweatshops, as long as you got the clothes at a thrift store. When you play Starcraft online, you are still supporting the larger infrastructure that keeps paying players engaged.

And this is all layered on top of the fact that ground level Blizzard employees, streamers, pro-players are the ones that suffer the hardest from financial retaliation. I'm happy that some employees were able to walk away, but others probably don't have that luxury. To steal a quote from Andreas Ekström, "Integrity is a privilege to those who can afford it."

Lastly, I'm pissed at myself, because all this whining is nothing compared to the real hardship suffered by the people of Hong Kong. The fact that I get to even feel bad about a video game when they are fighting for their freedom is just unfair and cruel.

TL;DR: Blizzard tainted Starcraft and everyone involved in it. Freedom for Hong Kong.

(EDIT: Probably crossed too far into accusations. Striked out text.)

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