I know a lot of you guys are struggling with TvP right now, so try this build out!

starcraft 6 - I know a lot of you guys are struggling with TvP right now, so try this build out!

This build is an aggressive 3 barracks opening, that hits a timing at around 5:20 with stimpack, combat shields, and +1 attack. This timing will net you a lot of easy wins, has transition potential, and continues to be viable at the Grandmaster level. In any case, I promise that learning it will be more fruitful than complaining about balance on reddit.

The opening build order is a very standard reaper expand:

  • 14 depot
  • 16 barracks
  • 17 refinery
  • Reaper and orbital command after barracks finishes
  • scv scout with the scv that built the barracks (scouting earlier is an option too — your choice)
  • 20 command centre
  • Reactor on barracks after the reaper finishes

Next, as we can afford it (without cutting scv production), we're going to get (in this order):

  • 2 more barracks
  • an engineering bay

Since we stay on one refinery for so long, it's important that our gas is properly allocated. Your gas spending priority should be:

  1. Tech labs on barracks 2 and 3.
  2. Stimpack
  3. +1 attack.
  4. Combat shields.
  5. Marauder production

In particular, despite immediately building tech labs, barracks 2 and 3 are going to be producing marines (not marauders) while we invest in upgrades.

At around 4:20, we're going to get throw down 2 more refineries at our natural base, for a factory->starport->medivacs transition. And when we have 100 extra gas, we'll start a factory. It is important that this timing is crisp, since our factory is already so delayed.


At around 4:40, we can move out with 4 marauders and a bunch of marines. The exact timing is a function of map distance, and is something you'll build intuition for as you get more experience with the build.

Your goal with the attack depends on what protoss is doing — if they're taking a fast 3rd nexus, that's where you should be attacking. Otherwise, head for the natural, being diligent about always stimming one marine forward (for scouting) and not over extending into force fields or a protoss army backed by several shield batteries.

Additional tips:

  • Against a stargate opening, I like to take advantage of the fast engineering bay by getting a turret in my main mineral line and keeping my marines in my natural.
  • Against a 1 base protoss, you have to abandon this build, but that is beyond the scope of this guide.
  • This map is stronger on maps with shorter rush distances (for an obvious reason). I wouldn't recommend it on maps like King's Cove.
  • If you struggle against early stalker/adept pokes (it can be tough), building an early-ish bunker is a reasonable adjustment.
  • I've been doing different builds lately, but here is a sample of my friend executing the build against a Grandmaster opponent.

gl hf and enjoy beating protoss on ladder!

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