I miss having more to strive for in the War Chest

starcraft 10 - I miss having more to strive for in the War Chest

I started playing SC2 again after a hiatus of several years, just after blizzcon. As such the new war-chest is the first one I have bought. I bought it immediately, and like the simulant skins enough that it made me buy the unit-skin pack as well, as I didn't get the chance to get those skins through a war-chest.

I really enjoyed the experience of the war-chest. However, I have one complaint. It's not yet the end of december, and I have already unlocked tier 5, without playing that many hours a day, and having several days away from a computer.

While i think the staging of the war-chest, to draw out the experience makes perfect sense, it means that active players will have long periods of play, where the war chest is active, but does not mean anything. This is very countrary to, for instance, Dota 2 game passes, where you have to play an enormous amount of games to get to max leve – if there even is such a thing.


I don't ask for many more rewards. I don't ask for entire extra skin sets, or anything like that. But it would be nice if I had something to strive for during the war chest. Make it take 10 times as long to gain a single "bonus tier" after I have unlocked the 5 first, and make the reward a stupid emote I will never use – or a very slightly altered drone skin or something. I don't really care.

I really appreciate Blizzard making the most important parts of the warchest easily accessible. But I would really like to have some feeling of progress to a new goal in the war chest, when I have completed the first tiers.

Edit: I have been told that I wasn't entirely clear in this post, so I will put it more clearly: I think the added rewards for additional playing should be very small – small enough that those who don't have the time to get them don't feel they are losing out on much at all. A recolored portrait from the basic pack or a stupid emote (which I would never use) would be more than fine for me. All I want is something to work towards, in order to keep the warchest experience alive for longer.

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