I need help vs protoss as Terran.

starcraft 5 - I need help vs protoss as Terran.

First off, please hold the “don’t be a whiner” comments, I’m looking for help.

I’m mid-diamond (oscilating around in d2).

For the entirety of the existence of starcraft 2 I’ve had a win rate against protoss of 30-45%. Currently I’m at 39%.

I cannot explain my frustration with this matchup. It really does feel like at any stage of the game, in order to win a fight terran has to micro more, have better pre-fight positioning/setup (meaning getting caught out of position just ends the game), and late game there is no composition that isn't hard countered by protoss.

I generally aim for a mmm/lib bio timing that hits around 5:30. It’s the only way I can beat protoss that isn’t cheese, and usually, almost always, it fails. Most of my victories come from collosally stupid micro mistakes from protoss players handing me the game. I regularly lose to protoss with 60 apm lower than me, and I regularly lose to protoss that are in platinum (when I play them)

Things I’m frustrated with:

Mech seems useless against protoss. Some protosses tell me that they will occasionally lose to tank/lib as they’re throwing down their third, but in general a few immortals seems sufficient to shut down any mech play if you can even get there, because the insane cost-effectiveness of chargelots makes it worthless. Is there a viable mech option for terran??

Supererior micro (by a huge amount) often results in at best losing my entire army, and killing half of his. I just played a match where I had raven/ghost/lib and what apeared to be comparable army supply. He had collosus/a couple of sentries and a few HT. He a-moved into my army from a bad position (with guardian shield), I got lib zones up in time, I EMP’d the HTs and used disruption matrix on ALL of his collosus. 6 libs and all of my bio with medevacs against the a-move chargelot/stalker army without any storms going off and i still lost my entire composition. All of this INSIDE the liberation zones of 4-6 libs.


Protoss doesn’t have to harrass. Ever. If they do, damage is unbelievably more cost effective compared to terran harrass of equivalent cost. DT harrass can just end the game, and warp prism range pickup against archon or immortal harrass is very, very cost effective. I don’t see it very often, because again, it’s not really necessary for protoss at this level to do (and they regularly admit to me that they don’t have the micro skill to do what is basic drop harrass).

Protoss seems to be able to do just about any army comp, where as terran seems basically required to stick to mmm/lib and maybe into BCs (but BCs feel supremely weak against protoss). I regularly two- and three-prong drop harrass, but shield batteries mean they don’t have to defend very hard in their mineral lines anymore, and my drops get destroyed by a few stalkers or HT feedbacks, which is why I have been doing it less and less. I always send libs in to get kills on mineral lines, and I kill usually 20+ probes a game.

I am insanely, insanely frustrated by protoss. Always have been. It also seems to be the concensus of 9 out of 10 terran players I play against that I ask – everyone is having a terrible time vs protoss.

So, basically, what do I need to do to change this? Protoss is:

Feeling unbeatable early game (there is no non-cheese early attack that feels viable, because of shield batteries they can just turtle in until they get 1 immortal and boom they break out)

Mid game, feels generally stronger than terran, but this feels like the only phase I can maybe win in

Unbeatable late game (this seems to be a general concensus no matter what race you play).

I get that maru can beat protoss, so please spare me the “the pros can do it” bit. If it weren’t for protoss I would be in master league, yet I have never made it. My win rates vs zerg and terran have many times reached up in to the 60% while I’m sitting at a sexy 40 or below with protoss.

Are there any places I can go to learn more about how to win?? I feel twice as active, twice as good at micro, and twice as aggressive as protoss, yet regularly get stomped by a-move with 2 storms while im microing my ass off. It’s beyond frustrating.

Please help.

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