I think the game needs a bigger shake-up than what we got with the last post-Blizzcon patch. As soon as possible.

starcraft 1 - I think the game needs a bigger shake-up than what we got with the last post-Blizzcon patch. As soon as possible.

The last post-Blizzcon patch was the smallest we've ever got and I think that's really bad for the game as a whole.

A) People are reacting really negatively to another Zerg winning a premier, which just isn't good for the image of the game. Had there been some bigger changes it wouldn't have been as bad, but now the finals looked like every other ZvP stomp in the past 2-3 years. We've had it happen several times in the history of SC2 that lots people were driven away from it due to perceived problems and I think we're approaching another one of those situations.

B) In my opinion the games at IEM felt really stale. I'm not saying that the players/casters didn't do a good job, but thinking back I can't think about a single map that really stood out to me, it was all very generic with the only exceptions maybe being the 2 gate + canon rush by Has and Innos proxy fac blueflame allin. In my mind the only changes this patch are BL+ Infestor not being a thing anymore and Thors being slightly better vZ, otherwise the game feels pretty much the same as last year.

C) LotV is turning 5 years old later this year, that means it will make up half of the entire time of SC2. And even with the yearly patches I think we're still overdue for some bigger changes. When LotV came out DK said there was the possibility of removing/adding unit down the line but I guess the skins really fuck with that, it's hard to justify removing a unit when people spend money on skins for it and when you add something now be it a new unit or an upgrade that adds a graphical change like Zergling wings for example you need to edit a whole bunch of skins.


D) SC2 is not BW. BW can do without patches because of a way bigger part of the game taking place on the mechanical side, it's just a simple fact that SC2 builds are easier to execute which means there's a lot more relative importance on the strategical side of things. Without changes SC2 settles into a meta where there are like 2-3 ways to play a MU properly which is then the only thing you're going to see and I think we're already way too close to that point, considering that we're just at the start of the year. I can't think of a single time in SC2 where a dominant meta has been broken just by player adjustments. I've seen Artosis say that the Adept Phonenix meta in PvT went away on its own, but that also only happend after the Adept HP got nerfed.

E) SC2 players, viewers and pros are used to lots of changes. The game has always been evolving and changing. Sure, there are also people who don't like changes, but after 10 years most of them most likely left by now, the players who do like changes are the ones who are still on board after all this time. If the game stops changing we're at risk at losing those players/viewers/pros.

We need changes.

If it's too much work for Blizzard they could maybe also outsource it. The e-sport side and the mapmaking is already outsourced, why not do the same to balance?

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