I wrote a short guide into getting into SC2! Let me know what you guys think.

starcraft 9 - I wrote a short guide into getting into SC2! Let me know what you guys think.

For context I wrote this for a fellow redditor asking how to get into this game. So I decided to share it here with the rest of the community as well

First things first, starcraft is not an easy game compared to most due to its complexity. However, it is that very complexity that gives it that flavor of fun I have found in no other game.

First things, here are some out-of-game resources:

Video guides:

LowkoTV. He take a fairly casual approach to SC2 . He is a variety youtuber/streamer with SC2 as his main game but also does play a range of others. He has a set of guides for each race as well as hotkey guides , camera guides, and a bunch of other things. I find his approach to be the easiest to understand

Winterstarcraft: Winter is a bit more hardcore, as has very detailed guides for each race and playstyle, and build . His focus is almost 100% SC2. I find him more specific then Lowko and I will go to his guides if I am looking for more specific help.

Pig: PIG is a former SC2 pro player turned streamer youtuber, and also has a set of guides for total beginners. Pig take on things are a bit different as he used to play the game professionally at the very highest levels so he has a different perspective.

There are countless other streamers and youtubers, but these are some which I can personally recommend. There are far more, including a pretty big esport scene but I don’t want to overwhelm you. There is a link here.

There is also a ton of other blogs/sites/guides of all kinds, that will come later once you are more into the game.

Here are some resources in game that might help as well. Here is a rough guide :

· Tutorial/Training

There is actually an in game tutorial, separate from the campaign, which teaches you the ultra basics of the game. That might be worth completing if you are totally new. You can find this by going to Versus> Training.

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· Help Button

The help button. This is a little “?” you can find in your menu. This gives details about every single unit and building. In fact you can pause any game( unless you are playing with people ) and find out with you need. It even has tech trees and recommendations.


· Custom games

As mentioned, there is a category called custom where you can set up your own matches vs a friend of AI. To do this, go to tab “ Custom” > “melee” then set it to ether “ladder maps” or “blizzard maps” From there press the orange create game. It will hope you into a lobby where you can select an AI opponent. I what I did in my first games was to do this, then simple create all the different units to see what they did. You can even add an AI ally if you wish, provided the map is big enough to fit everyone.


When you are ready, there is a category called VSAI. This is in a totally different area where you go to , I think, VS> VS-AI. This is the tab between coop and custom. Here you will be matched against a bot, and if you win enough you will be facing harder bots. Lose, and the game will face you against easier bots until you can beat them. Its like a personal ladder you can use to practice.

· Campaign

The Story mode of StarCraft 2. The Terran Campaign is included in the Free To Play version, and has some interesting missions that should be fun and challenging for newer players. You can choose the difficulty for each mission.

· Challenges.

This is a series of specialized test in the campaign section. Campaign > Wings of Liberty( click the dude on the left) , challenges( this should be the 2nd button.) These too might be worth you time as it teaches you the very basics in light, easy to handle challenges.

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This is a Cooperative player vs environment mode, were you join with an alley to fight against a specialized AI in themed missions. This can be a heck of fun, and depending on whom you pick can are given special abilities and units, including orbital lasers. It has a casual-brutal setting, and this mode is generally the most popular mode in StarCraft in terms of players. Note, the units and abailites here are very different from the multiplayer

Lastly, don’t feel bad about losing. Prepare to lose. For lose is what gives victory its tastes. That is the wonder that is starcraft. Victory don’t come easy. Victory, must be earned. And when you see the win screen , you know you done something right.

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