If one knows the exact build of an opponent, can they guarantee a win, or if not, at least an advantage? (Philosophical/balance question)

starcraft 6 - If one knows the exact build of an opponent, can they guarantee a win, or if not, at least an advantage? (Philosophical/balance question)

In this subreddit, many posts have been made talking about balance, about PvT and protoss recently, and the idea of what balance is and what it means in SC2 has given me a lot of thought.

Here's a question I have been struggling with figuring out, and I'm not even sure if I can figure it out or whether it can be figured out. Here's the circumstances: we are a protoss player, our opponent is a terran player (to simplify the situation) Also, we are spawning top right on Automaton, our opponent in the top left (again for simplification). We know that our opponent is going to open with a reaper fast expand, {Click to see VOD of example game}, and then they will scout with their reaper. If we interfere with them before they get to the point where their reaper scouts us, like sending 3 probes to their base, cannon rushing, or pylon blocking the low ground CC to make it be put in a different location, we cannot be sure how they will respond. Essentially, the idea is, if they don't see anything to change them from reaper FE, they will do the build. If we give them a reason to change, it is not predictable how they will change.


Given this information, can we formulate a build or strategy of our own which will guarantee us a win or at least an advantage? When I say guarantee, I understand that the game is not truly over until our opponent surrenders or we kill all of their buildings. But rather, "guaranteed" in the sense that we can have 20 stalkers to their 10 marines, or something so overwhelmingly advantaged that it is extremely unlikely for us to lose. "Guaranteed" in this context means an overwhelmingly large advantage, subjectively. I can't think of a better term to use, or concept to refer to. Maybe someone else can improve this idea.

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If we cannot guarantee a win (as defined above), can we at least guarantee an advantage? In SC2, there are so many different concepts of what an advantage is. By forgoing a natural base and proxying a stargate for example, we give ourselves an economic disadvantage for a tech advantage that we hope gives us a better chance to win. When I say advantage, in this context, I don't mean an economic or tech or map-control advantage. I mean an improved chance to win the game, such as better access to a win condition. This is also a subjective definition. Again, I have failed to improve this concept/idea, and maybe someone can define this better.

I don't know the answer, or whether this is even a useful question to ask. Hopefully though, I will be able to learn more about SC2 by thinking about this question. Please share your thoughts.

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