Infested Terran Change Analysis

starcraft 8 - Infested Terran Change Analysis

I found it interesting that some people think the infested terran got buffed while others think it got nerfed(not the infestor as a whole, just the infested terran is the topic at hand here). So here are what I can think as the pros and cons of the changes. The most fundamental change is that the IT is twice as expensive so that you only get one for 50 energy instead of two. But the stats of the IT got buffed. I'll be trying to evaluate if this is overall "worth it".

Ways in which IT got buffed:

  • Anti ground DPS. Gauss rifle damage got increased from 6 to 12. It looks the same on paper. But since armor reduction will be applied only once, overall a small buff.

  • Anti air DPS. Infested rockets attack delay decreased from 1.14 to 0.95, damage increased from 14 to 24(weapon upgrade from +1 to +2). This a 3% DPS increase. But since armor reduction will be only applied once it is a bigger buff against heavily armored capital ships. But 24 damage is big enough of a number that against lower health targets(like interceptors) over-killing becomes a small problem. Overall a small/medium buff.

Ways in which IT got nerfed:

  • Egg health. Infested Swarm Egg health increased from 70 to 75. But the HP/energy ratio is basically halved. Against single target damage (lib shots, marines, zealots, interceptors) they will get die TWICE as fast as before. Against AOE damage (tank shots, storm, disrupter), they will still still die to the thresholds of 1/2 shots from those. Overall a big nerf, because killing the ITs before they fully form is now a real option.

  • Hatched IT health. Infested Terran health increased from 50 to 75. So per 50 energy it's 75 health instead of 100 health total. Against most single target damage it's a 25% decrease in effective HP(except libs, where it's a 100% decrease in effective HP since it's now only 1 shot to kill 50 energy, instead of 2). Against AOE damage they still die to 1 storm/1 disrupter shot/2 tank shots. And because of these thresholds the 75 health is almost the same as the 50 health. Overall a big nerf.

Other interesting things to consider:

  • Energy thresholds. For example an infestor with 180 Energy can now only cast 3 IT, where before it could cast 7 for more effective DPS. A 35 energy infestor can spawn 0 IT, where before I could cast 1. This also happens to infestors that cast fungal or neurals. In practical situations many infestors will be able to spawn slightly less effective DPS/HP. This is a small nerf.

  • Ease of usage. IT got easier to use just by the nature of having to click individually(early game) and rapid fire(late game) less. And since nobody has unlimited APM and attention is a real resource, this is a small buff.

Overall I'm confident to say the infested terran is significantly nerfed. Its DPS got slightly increased. It's It's slightly easier to use but requires more awkward energy levels. Its effective survivalbility is massively decreased, giving opponents a real option to kill both the eggs for the ITs themselves. If I left anything else out that I should've considered, free feel to let me know.

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