It’s Good To Be Back

starcraft 6 - It's Good To Be Back

Hey, if anyone is interested in hearing my story, I'm an average player (and above average fan hehe) who is returning after something like an 8 year hiatus. (Sort of).

Back in the day I played SC2 a lot, completed the 3 campaigns on all brutal difficulty, played multiplayer every weekend, lots of hours into the middle of the night. I was never actually that good, mostly a platinum rank. I think I was diamond once or twice but honestly in 1v1 I wasn't great, more of a multiplayer 3v3 having fun. Originally played Toss exclusively than transitioned to primarily Terran.

Plenty of times drinking while playing which was awesome. And also plenty of days being more clear-headed and trying to improve my skill.

Anyhow life happens and bought a house, got married, had a kid. As I took on more and more responsibility I just didn't play nearly as much, and then before you know it I felt like my skill decrease to noob level, and just didn't play. That was for several years. And also it seemed like a lot of new units and abilities were being added/tweaked which I couldn't keep up with.

The only brief return was with the Nova expansions, of course jumped at those and reached something like 93% achievements.

That all said i did continue to pursue my interest in the SC universe as a whole, I have collected most of the novels, manga, and other literature.


Also started watching some streams as a lot of 'retired' players seem too however have been itching to just play again.

Finally this week I am diving back in, playing all the campaigns from the start on Normal difficulty, just to enjoy and soak it in. Interesting side note – Now that I've read all the literature and am 8 years 'more experienced' (older), I am noticing different things in the campaign which I was ignorant too earlier. Small details which just add to the richness of the SC characters and universe.

I still don't have much free time however am getting in a few missions anytime I can. Another side note – The higher in your career your go there can actually be more freedom, as long as you deliver results. For instance today I worked remotely and while I worked roughly 10 hours, I spent maybe 2 hours playing SC hehe.

Will play through the campaigns again and then try to get 100% in Nova ops, and will then be back to multiplayer.

Not sure if this post made much sense but what I'd really like to say is that SC is very much a part of me and Raynor is the man.


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