I’ve just got into 1v1’s after 6 years of playing stacraft 2. Any tips for Protoss? =Warning, wall of text incoming=

starcraft 7 - I've just got into 1v1's after 6 years of playing stacraft 2. Any tips for Protoss? =Warning, wall of text incoming=

As i said in the title, i've been playing starcraft 2 for over 6 years, and not including the last couple of days i only played like 4 1v1's (all lost cuz i sucked a lot back then) in that whole time and about 10 2v2s with my friend just double zergling rushing for fun.

I only played the campaings, arcade, sometimes just custom games vs AI, but never any ladder stuff, and when coop came out i played A LOT, even tho i barely played starcraft for the past 2 years i played at least a couple coops every month, i have everyone but Zeratul and Nova on 15th lvl and 87th mastery at the moment.

But recently, videos made by a guy named Lowko, in which he's commentating pro matches started popping up in my YT recommended, i quickly realized it's the guy i watched a couple videos of playing coop a couple years back, so i watched a couple of them, and then a couple more, and i thought to myself, maybe i should give 1v1's another chance? After thinking of how i got completely destroyed by people all those years ago i wasn't sure if i should, but the videos kept coming back to my recommended and i watched more of them, mostly just listening to them while i play other games, and i finally decided to go with it, started up starcraft, played like 7 matches vs AI on the ladder to warm up, and to get used to the mechanics of it cuz it's completely different that coop, which is the only thing i played for a really long time.

1 thing that really stuck with me from Lowko's videos, when he was talking about getting into the ladder, is to just make use a strategy of a pro or even create one myself, and just play with it and try to execute it better every time, so when playing against these bots i "created" a build and decided to do something i never did before, i don't wanna write a wall of text (which i already did…) so i will just say, i go for oracle early on, and just make some phoenixes from 2 stargates constantly (so i have about 10-15 of them in late game) to support my army and harass enemy as much as possible, and i fucking love them, they just carried me through the matches i played because of the economic impact and them picking up the most important enemy units in battles (like immortals, sentries, HT's, queens, siege tanks and stuff) and i'm sure without them i would have lost a lot more games, my current W/L ratio including a couple unranked games i played when i didn't feel like going for ranked is 10/4.


I think the practice i got playing coop and campaings on brutal really helped out because i got into gold 3 after my placing matches, and then i won 3 next games in a row ranking up every time, so i'm in plat 3 now (I needed to check the ranks cuz i didn't know them at all and i thing it's a pretty good rank after only my first 8 ladder matches including the placement ones), and i'm really enjoying myself.

Here's the lost units thingy from my last 2 games
N42iA66 - I've just got into 1v1's after 6 years of playing stacraft 2. Any tips for Protoss? =Warning, wall of text incoming=, i've been watching revievs of every match i played, mostly from my opponents perspective, looking how they did stuff, what i could've done better or how i could've exploited some weakness i didn't even know my enemy had etc. I don't know why, i just really enjoy doing it, but i think it's a good thing.

I'm attaching a couple of my replays if anyone even cares enough to watch them

I of course need to work on my micro and macro a lot, cuz i'm a bit sloppy, and i often forget about getting upgrades after i finish 1/1, i get supply blocked when i'm doing lots of stuff at once etc. but i'm feeling pretty good about it in general as i only began last week.

So, any tips for a Protoss who doesn't know what he's doing and somehow ended up in plat 3?

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