Jaeyun’s SC:R Replay & Talkshow Series

starcraft 2 - Jaeyun's SC:R Replay & Talkshow Series

Let's Learn Starcraft.. Remastered?

Inspired by Day<9>, Artosis, & iNcontroL, I will be starting a live-streaming series where I will be deeply analyzing player-submitted replays, specifically geared towards new and lower level players! Tune in to learn some Starcraft:Remastered and feel free to ask any and all questions you might have.

The event will be described as follows..

  • A six-episode series each roughly spanning 2 hours in length
  • Each episode will focus in on analyzing a single non-mirror matchup where viewers are welcome to have all their questions answered about the game
  • Each analysis session will also end with a general Q&A, if any
  • Some episodes may feature special guests to help with co-cast and analyze with their respective levels of expertise

The series schedule will be tentatively as follows and will be aired at

  1. 12/14 4:00pm PDT – ZvT (Z Perspective)
  2. 12/19 4:00pm PDT – TvZ (T Perspective)
  3. 12/28 4:00pm PDT – ZvP (Z Perspective)
  4. 01/04 4:00pm PDT – PvZ (P Perspective)
  5. 01/09 4:00pm PDT – TvP (T Perspective)
  6. 01/18 4:00pm PDT – PvT (P Perspective)

You are still free to submit replays even if you cannot make my stream due to time zone differences. The VODs will be available on my Twitch channel after each episode.

Rules for Submitting Replays for the Show

  • To start, please join the 'Replay & Analysis' section of my Discord here
  • This is tailored to lower-level players, so you must be around ~1200 to 1900 MMR. The reason I do not go lower is I want to make sure there is enough structure to the game itself for it to be helpful for other viewers
  • Submit your replay by uploading the file in 'Replay Submissions' section with a comment in the following format: "In Game User ID, MMR, Race, Question(s)"
  • Example: Jaeyun, 1500, Zerg, How can I get my 4th base out with this build? Can you provide insight on how to better execute and optimize this timing push at 7:30?
  • Please indicate in the comment if you are my subscriber – you will have priority in replay selection

General Etiquette

  • Submit one replay per person per episode that has a question and purpose in mind
  • Do not submit replays that have really wonky early-game activity that steers the game completely off course from the get-go, unless your question is specifically about how to deal with early aggression
  • Be respectful. If you're a high-level player and disagree with what I have to say, come message me privately and I will correct myself later, if appropriate


Matcherino is PROUDLY sponsoring this event at the link here. You can support me in this event free of charge by using the following coupon codes for each episode:

  • Episode #1: zvt
  • Episode #2: TBD
  • Episode #3: TBD
  • Episode #4: TBD
  • Episode #5: TBD
  • Episode #6: TBD

Support is by no means necessary, but greatly appreciated! I don't know if this kind of content will be helpful for anyone, so I will re-evaluate whether or not I want to continue at the close of the sixth episode. If there's support and demand, I can think of new ways to structure these episodes, ranging from bringing on more prominent guests to talk SC:R at large, going over top ASL/KSL pro games, and much more.

See ya'll soon! This will be the official thread outlining any and all updates to this event.

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