Just got to gold, battling a friend! brain cells required! Help!

starcraft 1 - Just got to gold, battling a friend! brain cells required! Help!

Hey guys, Terran scrub here, just want to dump off some questions so you guys can give me some food for thought.

I'm using 3-1-1from pig daily #100 something something, I laugh when a zerg sends tha lings!

I cry when the zerg expands 🙁 he'll be on six bases 15 minutes in and I go from feeling brave 180/200 ready to walk out on the creep to 'D: my whole army is gone! Oh no! Can we talk about this!?'

How do I move out VS an economic zerg who is fine with just letting me turtle?

Also they've been dropping banelings on my base even when I've set some turrets up and that just really hurts and makes me salty. How to better defend these?


Is 3-1-1 the optimal build? What are some great things I can build VS the other races that will help give me an edge? I've heard that banshee can help with zurg in the early game but I'm like too focused on pumping out a death ball – – I can't use reaper to harass either because I have like 60 APM and I'll mess up my macro and end up hurting me more than im hurting him.

I'm mostly just worried about the zerg guys who expand into millionaires. Like they have gold trimmings on their bases because they're so far ahead economically.

When I'm scouting, and I see spawning pool and no natural, I think it means Zerglings. What other tells are there for me?

Please my friend is beating me and I keep talking shit

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