Justice for terran player’s Friendly fire and AOE mechanics. (apologies for the spelling errors, I am a foreigner)

starcraft 6 - Justice for terran player's Friendly fire and AOE mechanics. (apologies for the spelling errors, I am a foreigner)

Terran is very crippled when it comes to splash damage and AOE effects. Terran is the only race that has a game changing splash damage friendly fire that both accidentally harm the terran and olso can be exploited against him. Let's take a look at different splash damage and AOE units from different races and if they have FF (Friendly fire):

First Zerg: baneling – main attack – devastating splash in a small area – no FF

Lurker – main attack – damage in the form of a short width long line – no FF

Ravager – Corosive bile – AOE damage in a tiny circle – HAS FF

Infestor – Fungal Growth – launches a missile type projectile that slows movement speed and takes damage over time in a medium radius – no FF

Mutalisk – Main attack – bounces from target to target to a maximum of 3 for a small percent of the damage – no FF

Ultralisk – Main attack – uses it 2 blades to easily sweep trough small enemies – no FF

Now Protoss: High templar – Psionic storm – devastating large AOE spell – HAS FF

Disruptor – Purification nova – creates a time bomb that deals massive damage in a medium AOE and can be controlled by the player – no FF

Colossus – Main attack – creates 2 laser beams that quickly cross paths and can harm many ground units that come in the lasers way – no FF

Archon – Main attack – short ranged attack that deals heavy AOE damage – no FF

And now it all goes to hell with Terran: Ghost – EMP – drains the energy and shields from enemies over a medium AOE – HAS FF

Ghost – Launch nuke – deals MASSIVE damage over a MASSIVE AOE – HAS FF

Hellion/Hellbat – Main attack – launches a line of fire that deals heavy damage against light units – no FF


Widow mine – Main attack – launches a heavy damage missile that explodes on contact in a medium area – HAS FF

Siege tank – Main attack – Fires an explosive round that deals heavy damage over a medium area – HAS FF

Raven – Anti-armor missile – Launches a missile that on contact lowers the armor of the target and all around it by 3 for 21 seconds – HAS FF

Thor – Main air attack – launches a group of misses that deal small damage over a small area – no FF

In conclusion: it's not easy to play terran when even your units play against you. Altough I agree that nuke and siege tank blast must deal FF, I disagree on widow mine having FF, essentially making it unreliable for offensive combat and Ghost's EMP having FF, because all tanky protoss units are in melee distance (a.k.a zealots, archons). Raven's missile having FF is unfair, seeing how little spell casters Terran has and both of them can hurt your units. Disruptors absolutely need to do FF, no unit should be able to massacre any group of ground units with just the press of a button. Colossus already being very similar to the siege tank might also need a FF mechanic, essentially punishing the mashing of the "A" button when making a death ball and require thought and reason into the action. For their brutality and high punishment of miss – micro, banelings and/or lurkers need to do FF, seeing how they can take on anything when in massive numbers and can most effectively surprise the enemy without any indication (I am talking about burrowing, since banelings can olso burrow and explode).

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