Looking for a Zowie MiCO? I think I’ve found something close.

starcraft 2 - Looking for a Zowie MiCO? I think I've found something close.

I first want to preface this mouse overview stating that I am not affiliated with and have not received any compensation/free product or anything from NKey. I am just a desperate SC2 gamer who has a broken Monoprice MiCO which can only be bought on ebay for $250. Every few months since the Monoprice MiCO was discontinued, I have tried looking for it in stock again or something similar to it, but to no avail. As of October, I think I've finally found its replacement.


I'd like to introduce to you the NKey G007 Mini. I'll show you different aspects of the mouse, and all of these pictures will be taken by me so that I can follow up if anyone has any questions about them. Keep in mind that I've had the Monoprice MiCO and have been using it for 4 and a bit years at this point so any difference in the mice may well be because of that difference in usage.

The NKey G007 Mini is in every way I can find identical to the MiCO, except a couple tiny differences of course. If you love the MiCO, you will love this mouse like I do.

A quick plug for the review that brought me to buy this mouse: "Want a Zowie MiCO with a much better sensor? This is it."

Also adding a tag to /u/Artosis because of his tweet. F.

Now on to the specifics and why this is the mouse for people who love the Zowie MiCO.

Size and Feel

I don't have exact specifications of the mice, but I included a ruler in some of my pictures of the mouse, and I can't find a way that they are different in terms of size.

The feet are slightly different, but don't have a noticeable change in how they slide across my standard fabric mousepad. The material that they use seems very similar, and is kind of hard to tell the difference. Because I've had the MiCO for so much longer (4+ years vs. 2 months for the G007), I'm inclined to say that the G007 is slightly less grippy, but the difference is not noticeable while gaming. Again, the MiCO could have gotten grippier with more use, but it's hard to say.

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This does bring me to one of the differences in the mice, although this is the small difference. The G007 definitely requires a tiny bit more force to press the mouse button, which takes a little bit of getting used to. However, this difference is small and you get used to it after using it for a small amount of time, so this shouldn't stop you from getting the mouse.


The other big difference that I want to mention is the cable. NKey opted for a stiffer braided cable than the MiCO's standard cable. While this might make the cable last longer, it is quite stiff. I didn't find this to be a problem, but if you do, the review I linked above should be very helpful for getting it replaced.

The Software

The software for the G007 has a lot more features than the mouse button 400, 800, 1600 on the MiCO. I've included pictures of the software included with the mouse.

You can control anything from the lights to the DPI and polling rate, and the app updates itself within the Update window. The only problem that I had with this software was obtaining it. Nothing came with the mouse and it took a bit of searching to find the software. The mouse works plug-and-play, but defaults to (I think) 1600 DPI, and I wanted 800, so I needed access to the software to change it. If you are in Korea or have a VPN to Korea, you can directly download the software from the site here (as mentioned in the other review):

If you can't access this website, then you will have to download the software from my Google Drive, which I will try and keep updated to the most recent version (although if you download a previous version you can simply just update it to the most recent version within the software):

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Hopefully this is helpful. I'm not sure what to do if you're running Linux with Starcraft, but if you have gotten that to work I'm sure you can get this mouse to work too (I'll try and help out as much as I can because I am also going to install Ubuntu on my desktop and would like to try).

Where to buy

I bought the mouse on Amazon and it took about 2 weeks to arrive to the west coast of the US; YMMV on that.

Other than that you can try the link provided in the other review or just a quick Google search will probably come up with something.

I'm happy to answer any questions and update this post, but I just wanted to put this out here to help out the other gamers in my situation who want a MiCO but can't because it's discontinued! Thanks for reading.

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