LotV vs WoL/HotS Players

starcraft 3 - LotV vs WoL/HotS Players

First off, I'd like to clarify that I am by no means an expert player and am simplying stating what I observed + some additional claims that I encourage y'all to question and refute if possible.

When I was in gold I noticed a lot of players that have low APM and questionable macro skills in gold. This is not at all uncommon in gold, as most people in this league are still learning how to play the game. However, are usually players that have reached diamond in the past, but are currently in gold. I suspect (and confirmed for some) that these players are old players from WoL and HotS who have not played in a while. these I've also played old players from WoL/HotS who haven't played in a while and were in masters or GM in WoL HotS, of which had excellent macro and micro skills (for fun in custom, as I can't get mmed with them in ranked).

It's usually pretty clear, some former diamond players are gold level in LotV, while virtually all masters players are worthy of their mmr and are still in their leagues, and if not, are probably just 1 league below.

I didn't attribute it to having not played for a long time, as the people that introduced me to this game were picking it up in LotV after not playing for at least 3 years (they played during HotS). In fact, that's how I played masters players, as some of my friends that introduced this game to me were in Masters in HotS (taught me some good tips).

After doing some searching, I found a lot of people complaining about harassment and more guerilla style gameplay since LotV. They argued that back in WoL, the game had macro into giant army battles, as opposed to now where harassment and distraction are core elements of LotV gameplay, and therefore WoL is superior.

Seeing these two things together, I can't help but imagine these players as bronze players complaining about "cheesing" at 10 minutes into the game and wanting to play sim city, waiting until 200/200 supply before attacking.


Granted, I've seen players claiming that pressuring is different from harassing and there should be pressuring. However, I have also seen complaints on multipronged attacks and defending from 2 sides. While I do not have any links at the moment to support this, a google on "LotV vs WoL/HotS" should result in some of these complaints.

A lot of people attribute this idea to the new units introduced (dark templars and (HotS) widow mines), but personally I feel like its just because of the increased speed of the game, as well as experienced players becoming even more experienced. The game has had nearly 10 years to develop, after all.

Also, some argue that these additions didn't make SC2 any more fun to watch (which was Blizzard's intention). Watching past esports matches, it was somewhat rare for insane unpredictable strategies; instead, it was usually admiring the ability for a pro player to do some standard micro at an extremely refined level. On the other hand, in LotV, we see strats and micro that none of the casters could barely believe, much less predict. For example, Classic's hatchery snipe is one of the cheesiest, dumbest BS strategy, and we love it. Haas's cannon rushes and Oracles were also amazing, although at this point it's basically well-known.

While I'm sure WoL and HotS were more fun and superior in their own respects, it seems that these players dissing LotV simply do not have any grounds to claim LotV is in anyway inferior, just that they dislike LotV. Additionally, it makes me question if WoL and HotS were easier or at the very least more noob-friendly and a more approachable learning curve, although I doubt it.

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