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starcraft 4 - Marine headcanon

Just a bit of made up lore to supplement the existing one. I noticed that despite Starcraft's reputation, there's a lack of lore compared to other games on the wiki.


Universal awareness

All Dominion units and buildings are equipped with the same foundational array of rangefinders, and sensors in addition to other equipment based on their needs. In a fashion similar to the Swarm's hive mind and Protoss Khala, every Dominion unit is able to send battlefield information to a Command Center network and provide immediate awareness to all units in the vicinity. The basic Marine can act as a highly precise spotter for a Siege Tank or find a landing site for a building.

C-14 additional specs

The C-14, contrary to the belief of thousands of dislocated arm cases, does not fire a round similar to 20th century assault rifles found in recreation musuems. Indeed the slug is 6mm, but it ought to be noted that the round itself is a sub-caliber projectile, that more powerful propellants have been developed in the last 500 years, and attempting to fire the rifle without a CMC will be roughly equivalent to attempting to shoulder a 37mm cannon from the Second Earth War<1> <2>.

The inner workings of the C-14 are another marvel itself. The rifle does in fact use gauss fields, but in conjunction with timeless direct recoil action. Direct recoil is a lightweight and reliable method to achieve the C-14's swift 30 rounds per second punch while being far less bulky than a powered autoloader. The gauss comes into play as the round enters the barrel, where the magnetic fields squeeze the round to the exact middle while adding a controlled spin and even more velocity. The result is a weapon system that has a blindingly fast rate of fire, the power and range of gauss, comparatively low CPU and power requirements, and no sacrifice in performance to meet these ends.

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<1> The Dominion Marine Corps is no longer accepting any more requests to make the standard issue an automatic 37mm cannon.

<2> The DMC is no longer issuing bonus pay for injuries suffered due to "poor decision making".


Some personnel, mostly fans of ancient history, have come forth with complaints that the CMC looks too bulky and the armor. The DMC assures said personnel that a bodyglove and lighter plating would result in far greater injury to the ever present shrapnel and concussive blasts of the battlefield. The reason for the helmet being built into the armor, rather than being worn by the user like that of certain mercenary groups, is not because "we're evading a Games Workshop lawsuit" (GW was abolished well before the exodus from Earth). The helmet is designed so that in the event of a headshot a wearer's spine is not crushed by the sheer impact. In addition, the helmet has two screens. A normal transparent visor, which can be gold coated depending on the version, and a second armored screen that slides over the visor to protect a wearer from dangers such as the flash of a nuclear blast.

The armor itself is also far less bulky than appearance alone suggests. Thanks to advanced servo technology like that found on Siege Tanks, Hellbats, Vikings, and Liberator frigates, the CMC has almost as many degrees of freedom as if one were not wearing the suit at all. Overlapping plates under the composite armor layer allow full protection while also allowing a wearer to move their limbs or torso freely without exposing chinks or weaknesses. To say one is "wearing" the armor isn't truly fair either, at least not anymore. Rather the armor moves around to imitate the user's actions and stance, similar to how the hands of the armor are remotely controlled within the armor. This makes the suit effectively weightless on a user and permits a very high limit to carried equipment.

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