Mutation Week 136 Warp Zone Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 7 - Mutation Week 136 Warp Zone Ranks/Tiers

So we have an easy week, the biggest issue is going to be Twister and that says a lot. You can go for fast expos because of the late first attack wave, so be sure to take advantage. Time Stop and Temporal Field can be a bit annoying but a bit of micro can make all the difference. Production facilities that rally across the map are the most likely to be affected by the mutations so think about changing the rally to your base and watching units meet up with your main army. Good luck and have fun.
Here is the link to the VOD
Last weeks all commnders is here

2 Karax

  • Good commander for this week, but offense will be slow going or nonexistent (if you go defense).
  • Try to go for an early expo and then go into static defense.
  • Be sure to get the first Spear of Adun upgrade with your first 200 gas.
  • Try to continue to climb the tech tree to at least a Twilight consul for the Shield Battery and Energizer upgrades, plus it allows you to get important Spear of Adun upgrades.
  • You should only need a few Cannons and a Shield Battery at each lock.
  • I like to help with the bonus using a few Monoliths.

2 Swann

  • Okay commander for this week but speed is not his game.
  • I went for a super Meme build; Laser Drill mastery mass Hellions and Science Vessels.
  • If you want a normal army go for Herc Tank Goliaths.
  • You combat Drop can do a lot for the early game, but you should have a Tank group and a Hercules after it goes away.
  • Upgrades as always.
  • If you want you can go for a defensive build but that requires your ally to go on the offense.

2 H & H

  • Good commander this week, but you need to be careful about Twisters and your Galleons.
  • Once you have taken your expo think about Galleon upgrades and Horner units, you can also get Strike Platforms but with how quick the mission is it might not be worth it.
  • Reaper have great DPS but get very badly hurt from Tornados so be careful.
  • If you feel like going defensive try Widow Mines but they will get tossed around from the Tornados.

2 Vorazun

  • Good commander for this week, and is part of a really fast cheese, but a little slow getting a full army out.
  • I like a little bit in Shadow Guard duration so that you can summon they asap and still have a little time left when you use TS for the first time.
  • I like DT Corsair but if you want to finish it asap go for DT Stalker, that way you don't have to wait for Stargates and then a Fleet Bacon.
  • Try to use TS asap so you can maximize your attacks.

2 Alarak

  • Good commander for this week but a little slow and army might take a bit to build.
  • You can try to get Pylons at all the lock for Overcharge but you wont be able to deal with every wave with just over charge as you will run out.
  • Try to get upgrade for each unit that you make, and Attack upgrade wont be the worst idea.
  • I went for an Alarak Supplicant run but you can make Stalkers or even Ascendants if you want.
  • You should only have 1 Mothership by the time the mission ends so either make it help with a push or deal with an attack wave up to you.

1 Raynor

  • Great commander for this week, I like Bio here but you can go Mech but it will just take a little longer and I like speed this week.
  • Go for fast expo and then start to build up forces.
  • Be a bit careful about Twisters at your expo that will kill Workers building CCs without you knowing as they will not get pushed away and die fast.
  • Call downs are Great for everything until you have a force, Banshee for Rocks and first attack wave Hyperion for the 9 o'clock and 5 o'clock locks.
  • You shouldn't need more than 1-1 as the mission ends so fast, but be sure to get the Marine Combat Shields, the Marauder Slow and the Medic Heal upgrades.
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1 Artanis

  • Great commander for this week, I like a lot of Gateway units as you can mass them quick.
  • Be sure to get a Robo so that you can get Observers so you can see Burrowed or Cloaked units.
  • Be sure to get the Twilight upgrades for your units.
  • Solar Bombardment for the second Lock, and the 3rd attack wave (the one where your army isn't), so you can kill all the attacking units.

1 Stukov

  • Great commander for this week, I went for Bunkers an Civilians.
  • You can try to move out your Bunker to each lock to hold them better but be careful about the Mutations as they can really mess with you.
  • Be sure to get all the upgrades for each unit and the Civilian upgrades.
  • Most of the early pushing power comes from your call downs do try to make the most of it.

1 Fenix

  • Good commander this week, go for many hero units pick your favorite.
  • Try to use the Teleport to bring slow units to your main army and leave the rally at home, that way they don't get killed by the Tornados.
  • You should try to go for Adepts if its an air comp to support your Robo and Stargate units and Zealots if its a group comp.
  • Switch suits often to get the most energy regen.
  • Upgrades for all unit that you make.

1 Zeratul

  • Great commander for this week, mobility can be great if you have enough Void Arrays.
  • I like 2 Gateway (used only to make 4 Sentries), and 2 Robos for Immortals and Disruptors.
  • If you need more DPS use the call downs you chose.
  • You should only get one Avatar because of the quick time for this so be sure to use it to clear an encampment or at least help with an attack wave.
  • Be sure to rally unit to a Void Array to avoid losing any units to the mutators.

1 Nova

  • Great commander for this week, between Nova herself, all her units and Griffin Air Strike she can be everywhere.
  • If its a ground comp she can solo it in her Assault Suit, if not use the Griffin Air Strike to take care of attack waves where you army isn't.
  • Be sure to get all the upgrades for units that you make.
  • if you can try to wait to switch to the Assault suit off the bat and at least send a Sabotage Drone to the 9 o'clock lock to clear a bit.
  • Be sure to use the Sabotage Drone and Griffin Air Strike trick.

1 Zagara

  • Great commander for this week and she is one of the fastest without cheese.
  • Normal unit comp this week; Banes, Scourge, Lings,
  • be careful about morphing Banes on the map if a Temporal Field is active on top of the morphing Banes its going to take a long time, might consider stopping and starting elsewhere.
  • As always Roach Drop and Frenzy should go together.
  • Try to kill most air units with the Hunter Killers as Scourge might just die getting across the map.
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1 Tychus

  • Great commander this week, super mobile and high damage.
  • Only went for Sirius, Sam an Tychus.
  • Went for upgrades here more than extra units.
  • I like to get the Medivacs asap that way I have heals and mobility.
  • Try to get Sam before the bonus that way you can take it out fast.
  • Once you finish upgrades for a hero move on to the next as many upgrades spread across many heros doesn't mean as much as finishing then moving on.
  • Try to have the Big Red Button ready for the first call down so you can clear a base asap.

1 Kerri

  • Great commander for this week, you can hero solo or go for an army as well, Hydras do well against all comps.
  • Omega Worms are best for mobility you should only need about 2 of them.
  • Normal build order 15 Hatch 19 gas 21 gas 23 Pool.
  • You can spend extra minerals on Lings if you want but Kerrigan can solo it.
  • You can save your second Immobilization wave for the 3 attack wave and attack the 2 o'clock lock at the same time but that is not necessary.

1 Dehaka

  • Great commander for this week, you can hero solo this week.
  • Be sure to get all the structures for the call downs asap.
  • With each call down you can clear at least 1 if not more locks.
  • While waiting for call downs Dehaka can do a lot of damage be sure to look for Psionic unit to eat.
  • You should just make a few Lings and set the rally to each lock instead of leaving Dehaka to get locks.
  • The best call down seems to be Murvar.

1 Abathur

  • One of the best this week if not the best.
  • You can do the entire thing with just the Brutas but getting to Leviathans is never a bad idea.
  • If it is a Robo comp you are going to want to watch you Brutas as they die fast to Immortals.
  • You can get a Brutalisk if its a Protoss from the 9 o'clock lock by using a Spore Crawler and Toxic Nests, check out my VOD or video to see how its done.
  • One of the coolest speed run involves Abathur and Vorazun.
  • Upgrades can be helpful but not really if you are just going for the Evos.

Tier 1 Super easy and has map presence, able to deal with every attack wave.
Tier 2 Good commander but might be out of place for a few attack waves.
Tier 3 Least Impactful.

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