Mutation Week 137 Well Trained Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 8 - Mutation Week 137 Well Trained Ranks/Tiers

This week can pull you out of place if you don't have the proper things in place. Hero commanders that are used to not needing an army for a bit might want to think about getting a few units to pull the first Aggressive Deployment away from your economy. Commanders without heros need to be aware that enemy units are going to drop on your smaller army in the first 5 min, so be aware and think about saving a call down if you have one. Air comps are going to be the toughest for most commanders (not Zeratul lul) as you can clear the ground easily and then all the air units will be Avenger units and take a long time to kill (talking especially to you Kerrigan's). AOE can do great things for you this week but again be aware of the Avenger mutations. Good Luck and Have Fun.
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Last weeks all commnders is here

3 Stukov

  • Not the best this week, Tanks are great here but air units will destroy them.
  • Your call downs can do a lot here but you will find that for many of the attack and trains you wont have anything.
  • Air comp are an auto gg unless you have a great partner.
  • Infested Civilians are good for tanking damage for your partner so keep that in mind.
  • Bunker builds are okay but most comps you will just be cannon fodder for you ally to get the actual work done.

3 H & H

  • Not the best this week unless you get a ground comp then they are tier 2, and an exclusive ground comp.
  • I like Strike Platforms here to do great damage against ground comps.
  • Air comps will be tough as they will drop right on top of your army and kill you Galleons fast.
  • Reapers can do a lot but will die fast so try to transition into Horner units asap (mostly Wraiths).
  • Call downs can kill attack waves and do great damage to the trains but you wont have them for all attacks and trains.
  • Try to rolls for a ground comp that way you can do more.
  • Try to keep all you units out on the field that way you have to worry less about enemy units going for you economy, you don't have any static defense for you ramps.

2 Artanis

  • Okay commander this week but definitely has issues with comps.
  • Aire comps are going to be tough and the best way to deal with them will be Dragoons, be sure to have them on their own control group so that you can micro them.
  • Karax is a great ally here but others can do well as well.
  • Solar Bombardment should be used asap to get as many as possible, if you use them well you can deal with the second to last attack wave with just Solar.
  • Upgrades as always and keep your macro up.

2 Karax

  • Good commander for this week, you do not want Zerg as they will over come your defense and your Energizers wont we able to Reclaim any unit.
  • Be sure to get as many Spear of Adun upgrades as possible, and any upgrade for any unit that you make.
  • Try to climb the tech tress so you don't miss out on any Spear of Adun upgrade timing.
  • If you go up against Terran be sure to have Overserves on all sides of you low ground static defense to stop any Nuke from landing.
  • Solar Lance is best used against attack waves as they clump up more.

2 Fenix

  • Good commander this week, I like Carrier Zealot conservator against ground and Scout Zealot Carrier against air.
  • Dragoon suit is your best AOE but its not consistent so be aware.
  • every attack you should be sure to use the Conservator reduce damage buff to help you units stay alive.
  • Zealots are the best way to tank damage but they are going to die against a lot of comps so be sure to replace them.
  • Arbiter suit should be used to move your army around, you can even use it to Cloak your army but I would save energy for Teleport.
  • Upgrades as usual.

2 Alarak

  • Good commander can be tier 1 with great micro.
  • Try to start off attacks with Force Field to hold the enemy back.
  • Once you have enough stacks of Sacrifice your Ascendants should be fine but watch them.
  • I find it better if you focus on either train damage or units to start your Ascendants will only really have the energy to finish one or the other, I would focus on the units then go for the trains after while you partner mainly focuses on the train.
  • Mothership is great for tanking and dealing goo damage but you should only really have like 2 or 3 of them not a game changer really.
  • Upgrades are good but you only really need unit specific upgrades.
  • Alarak Empower me is great but be careful about losing to many units due to his Sacrifice.
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1 Raynor

  • Raynor is great for this week but as with many commanders this week its al about micro and the composition that the enemy has and the one you choose.
  • I like Bio Spider Mines for mostly ground comps and exclusive ground comps.
  • If you go up< against air you are going to want to make Vikings as they are the best and most heavy air comps Marines wont cut it.
  • All of you compositions should have Vultures with them for at least ramp control and for train damage at the least, but aggressive Spider Mines are great too.
  • Call downs can be used asap save for maybe the first Banshee might be better used to clear the first Aggressive Deployment (especially if you like to go full Economy).

1 Swann

  • Great commander for this week, against an air comp you can go for Wraiths or Goliaths but Wraiths will be better with goo micro, against a short attack range ground comp go for Tanks, against a long range attack ground comp go for Wraiths or Tanks with good micro.
  • I like Laser Drill mastery here as it can do a lot for you to clear attack waves.
  • Normally with Swann you rally units to your main then pull from there but this we make some Aggressive Deployment spawn in your main so be aware and think about adding Static Defense around your rally point.
  • Upgrades are important but be sure to get all you Laser Drill upgrades first.
  • You should be sure to have a Hercules for any Tanks you make.

1 Kerri

  • Great commander for this week but she suffers against air comps.
  • Try to start everything you can with Immobilization wave to clear a lot of units.
  • Be sure get all the upgrades that you need for each unit.
  • Hydras are the best units against air unless you have god like micro for your Mutas, you might just want to rool for a ground comp.
  • If it is a ground comp I like Ultra Ling.

1 Zagara

  • Great commander for this week go for Banes and Scourge and you shall do fine.
  • I like to have Hatches rallied to the ramps so that you can deal with random attacks until you need the forces.
  • As always go for Frenzy as much as possible, and try to time Frenzy with Roach Drops as well.
  • Upgrades are important, depending upon the enemy comp you might have to do a little micro when the Aggressive Deployment comes otherwise you should just kill everything with you explode units.

1 Zeratul

  • Great commander this week, air comps just melt.
  • I like a good amount of Immortals here but you will need Disruptors against any heavy ground comp.
  • Be sure to get all the Fragments that the cool downs offer that way you can get the Void Array upgrade so you can move your forces faster.
  • I like to get the Monolith, the Void Rays, the mobile Cannons and the Avatar of Essene.
  • The Avatar of Essence will counter any Avenger Stacks.

1 Tychus

  • Great commander for this week I like to go for Sirius, Rattle Snake Sam (or Vega if air comp), then whoever you like.
  • Try to get to Vega by the 4th train if air so that you can Mind Control any high Avenger stacked air unit.
  • Upgrades are super important so be sure to get all you can.
  • Medivacs are great for mobility and for healing you units.
  • Make sure to have the Odin upgrade by the time it goes off cool down to use it as soon as you need.
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1 Abathur

  • Great commander for this week, but gets even better when you use Toxic Nest micro, as only small number of units will die if you just let them trigger on their own.
  • If you get any real amount of air be sure to get Devourers as they destroy air.
  • There is going to be a fair number of enemy comps that Brutalisks are going to have trouble with, if you notice that think about going mass air and mass Toxic Nests.
  • If you notice that you are losing too many units to the Aggressive Deployment place Toxic Nest under your army.

1 Dehaka

  • Great commander for this week, you want Protoss but all comps will work.
  • You might want to go for Creeper Host if its an air comp but I really like Mutalisks.
  • I like to leave al my basic units in my main till I upgrade them to their higher tier, this will make it so you might pull Aggressive Deployment so think about have a few Wurms around you rally point.
  • Call downs are great here I really like Glevig, and Murvar, use them as much as possible.
  • Be sure to get all your upgrades and unit specific ones as well.
  • Look out for Psionic units to eat and Roar as much has possible.

1 Vorazun

  • Great commander for this week but you need to have the right units for every enemy comp.
  • If going up against air you want 3 Stargates and 3 Gateways, if ground 1 or 2 Stargates should be fine with up to 6 Gateways.
  • I like to save most of my energy this week for Black Holes as they really make your army better and avoid a lot of loses.
  • Be sure to finish air attack upgrades as Corsairs really need them to do the damage that they should.
  • Dts are great here but if you would rather make Void Rays you can but you have to use Black Hole for every attack if you make Void Rays.
  • Cannons on all ramps with extra minerals that way you can avoid Nukes and at least get a bit more time to deal with rouge units.

1 Nova

  • Great commander for this week, go for normal units here, but most all will work.
  • I like Tanks Ravens Libs Marines, that way you can do a lot of damage to the Trains and deal with all the units.
  • If you feel that you are having trouble with the Aggressive Deployment think about leaving Spider Mines under your army if you leave it in any location, that you are not watching.
  • If you get an air comp start off attack waves with the Griffin Air Strike to clear them then go in with your units, you might have less units but you shouldn't lose any.

Tier 1 Train damage and Aggressive Deployment can be dealt with, units left with Avenger stacks can be cleared with ease.
Tier 2 Avenger stacks are tough but can out Marco them or able to deal with the trains well while your partner deals with Avenger units.
Tier 3 Not recommended.

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