Mutation Week 145 Together Forever Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 4 - Mutation Week 145 Together Forever Ranks/Tiers

Well, we have Polarity again and they added Just Die too. This week is a weird one that requires a lot of communication with your ally to do this right. Try to deal with the waves that go for Jinara first then the attack waves. Also dealing with the first set of attacks then the expos is recommended, as you might lose a lot of ground if not. The second attack wave and the first Hybrid are the toughest parts of the mission so save a call down or something special for them. Bio and Gateway comps seem to be the easiest to deal with so don't feel bad about rerolling, but good communication and team work matters more. Good Luck Have Fun.

Here is the link to the VOD

Last weeks all commanders is here


3 Alarak

– One of the worst this week, super slow and Just Die makes Ascendants not very good.

– Try to go for Stalkers here and try to maximize the Mother Ship Teleport.

– Empower Me can do a lot here so be sure to get the most out of it.

– Your weakest trait this week is the slowness of your army, you cant even just Over Charge a building as it will still target a unit you cant hit.

3 Raynor

– Not the best this week, just go for Bio here.

– Spider Mines will just die during the Just Die Res.

– Be sure to save the Hyperion for the second attack wave.

– Banshee are for the first attack then one of the expos.

– I like Bunkers at Jinara, the ramp into the first Hybrid spawn, with all extra Marines and SCVs rallied there.

– Leave a few SCVs at the Bunker for Jinara so that it doesn't go down too fast.

2 Dehaka

– Okay commander for this week the first 10 min are the hardest.

– I like Mutas here, but Creeper Host can also do well.

– Mutas will get you more sustained damage, but Creeper Hosts will be safer (for the units) and get you good burst damage.

– Dehaka should just stay with Jinara until you get more units out as he cant really do much against encampments.

– The second attack wav should be dealt with Murvar.

– Call downs are good but its tough when you can just deal with then entire attack wave.

2 H & H

– Fine commander for this week, the early game without goo partner support can be tough.

– I like 5 Galleon builds here, and be sure to spread out your Mag-Mines so they don't all hit a shielded unit.

– I like Horner units for mid to late game and if its a ground comp think about Strike Plats.

– Ravens are good for extra damage and I would leave one at Jinara in Siege mode to keep here from going to far back.

2 Swann

– Good commander for this week, early game might be tough.

– Try to get Laser Drill mastery as it will target units for you without you doing anything.

– Hercules Tank is still good here but requires more micro.

– Goliaths are great support here, although you can do well with Wraiths if you micro well.

– Laser Drill can kill at least one set of lives from the enemy.

– Science Vessels can heal and get you a Shield if you need it.

– Goliaths are good at stutter stepping backwards.

2 Stukov

– Fine commander for this great for holding but clearing Hybrid can be a problem.

– Bunkers seem to be the best this week, you can add Tanks but be careful without having Infested to tank for you.

– Call downs are the best way to deal with encampments and Hybrid.

– Get all the upgrades you can, also be sur to move your Bunker forward between attacks.

– I like using the Apocalisk for later attacks so that I don't have to move my Infested.

– Think about holding the ramps to the West and East to avoid too many attacks.

1 Vorazun

– Great commander for this week, Dark Pylons and Time Stop are great here.

– If you have a ground comp you should be fine, if it's air you will have a tougher time and might need to make Corsairs.

– Time Stop right away to have it ready for the first Hybrid.

– Dark Templar are the units of choice here, Corsairs are you anti-air.

– Be sure to get all your unit upgrades and at least attack upgrades.

– Black Hole is a great way to keep your units alive and do damage.

– Time Stop can be used for encampments and Black Hole for Hybrid.

1 Zeratul

– Great commander for this week, Cannons are best here.

– You might want a few Stalkers early on if you are great with Zeratul micro.

– Cannons can be Projected but be sure to talk to your ally when you do as it will mean a lot more.

– Once you have the second Shard and an expo you should be fine.


– Try to cancel Cannon Projections once you clear an area to start the cool down faster.

1 Tychus

– Good commander for this week you are going to need heals so early Rattle Snake or Nikara if she is what you like.

– I like to get Medivacs fast too for mobility and quick heals if needed.

– After Rattle Snake Sam (if you are good at seeing who you can hit really fast) or Sirius is good.

– Try to have the Nuke ready for the first Odin, if you can try to use it on the second encampment along the route.

– Vega has his uses as she can Mind Control units that are unable to be hit, otherwise I like Nux better for the AOE.

1 Kerri

– Great commander for this week, either Hydras or Mutas for any air and if ground Ultras or Lings.

– Mutas are great here but require a lot of micro.

– I like unit gas cost here so you can get sustained damage as opposed to burst.

– Omega Wurms are still good here with any comp you make for vision and mobility.

– Be sure to get all upgrades that you need for each unit.

– I like Immo for encampments over Hybrid but you should be able to use it for both.

1 Fenix

– One of the best this week, I like Legionaries an Carriers.

– You can go for Robo into Carriers, bunt in the end Interceptors are the best as they mess with enemy AI.

– Use the Arbiter Suit to move you army around.

– Make sure to save the Dragoon suit for the second attack wave.

– A few Conservators can do a lot here so be sure to add them and keep them on their own control group so that they don't run in and die.

– Praetor Suit for tanking.

1 Karax

– Great commander for this week, Static Defense into Carriers is the way to go here.

– Be sure to get Spear of Adun upgrades.

– You want a Monolith at each expo to clear you units and Cannons to help if you pull to much agro.

– Stargates should only be made once you have your expo and made at the expo.

– You really want to have air attack upgrades.

– Purifier Beam should be used on the second attack wave.

1 Nova

– One of the best this week, I like Mech here as they have more HP and can survive longer.

– Ravens and Libs are the best, Ravens should be spamming Turrets before every fight.

– Griffin Air Strike is great and can deal with one of each units lives.

– Try to get attack and defense upgrades here but start with attack.

– Tanks can be helpful here but mostly for Spider Mines.

– Ghost have their place but are very low HP so be careful.

– Nova can tank a lot in the Assault mode but Nukes help a lot so switch often.

1 Artanis

– Good commander for this week, many different comps will be needed for different enemy comps.

– I like Dragoons and Tempest here based on the comp, Tempest for ground and Dragoons for air.

– Full Guardian Shell mastery here helps a lot.

– Solar for the first attack is great.

– Guardian Shield for the first Hybrid.

– Be sure to use Zealots to tank if needed while moving your army or helping an ally.

1 Zagara

– Great commander for this week, Banes and Scourge are great here.

– Try to remember that Zagara is a powerhouse and can carry the early game, but if you Baneling Barrage against a unit that you can't kill it will be wasted, try to go for attacks that will hit a lot of units to maximize damage.

– Roach Drop can clear a lot of units in an attack wave so be sure to use it as much as possible, that also goes for Frenzy.

– Try to Move command into an attack then A-move once you have them surrounded as you will kill all your enemies very fast, and be ready to kill them again once they come back.

– All unit upgrades should be gotten, but attack upgrades should be all you need.

1 Abathur

– One of the best this week.

– I like Evos and Mutas as always.

– Be sure to place Nests at the ramps across the map.

– If you go up against a heavy ground more Mutas might make sense.

– Be sure to get all your unit upgrades, as they really matter.

– You will build up a lot mineral so be sure to place a lot of Static Defense just to get you time.

– Vipers can do a lot to reduce damage so be sure to get them if you or your partner is having issues.


Tier 1 Able to clear you enemies fast and hold out while waiting for your ally to clear theirs.

Tier 2 Either can clear your enemies fast or able to hold out while waiting for your ally.

Tier 3 Not Recommended.

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