Mutation Week 146 Specter of Death Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 6 - Mutation Week 146 Specter of Death Ranks/Tiers

So this week can pull you in many different places. The Void Reanimators are far better to deal with when you have a person on defense, but really good micro and map presence can help 2 offensive commanders. I still really like an offensive commander and a defensive commander. I find that clearing one side of the map then moving to the other is better for dealing with the Void Reanimators. Early detection will be a problem for some commanders, Stukov will have a hard time with offensive detection. Good Luck Have Fun.

Here is the link to the VOD

Last weeks all commanders is here


2 Zagara

– Not the best this week, defense is a no go and you will need to clear the map to make the last Hybrid able to be dealt with.

– You can do a lot for the early game with just Zagara, be sure to just have a few Overseers following Zagara.

– The toughest part for Zagara will be if you don't deal with the Void Reanimators fast enough because you don't want to keep wasting Banes on reanimated units.

– I like to mostly make Lings to clear building faster.

– Roach Drop and Frenzy are still great together.

2 Alarak

– Great offensive commander but defense will be very tough.

– You can do well with any unit that you make. An Ascendant for defense can help but you will need to have a Havoc as well for vision and you might still need an Overcharge to clean it up if you don't catch it early.

– I found Stalkers to work well, Gateway units will help you warp-in offensively.

– Cannons will be hard to make if you want to keep a good Supplicant count or you want to go for Ascendants.

2 H & H

– Early Detection is fine but the Reanimators are going to be a problem.

– You don't have any good static defense so the Reanimators will be tough to deal with, you can try to have a few Widow Mines but they will only take care of the Reanimated units not the Reanimators.

– I like Reapers in the beginning but try to transition into Horner units once you have your expo up, that way you can take more damage.

– Ravens are slow so you might want to make a few more than normal.

2 Tychus

– Good commander this week, but if you aren't on top of the Void Reanimators you will have a hard time.

– Nikara is good for consistent detection but I still like to have Sirius first as Tychus will need more DPS.

– Nikara was my second extra Outlaw, this made it easier to hold in the beginning.

– I had up to 4 Turrets on each ramp, but if you have a defensive partner you should be fine.

– I only had 4 Outlaws in total, so be sure to get all the upgrades that you can.

2 Artanis

– Okay commander this week, great offense but defense is tough.

– I like Dragoons here, as you can make them on a low income game.

– If you have a partner that can defend you will do super well.

– Make sure that you get to a Robo very fast so that you can get an Observer.

– Solar Bombardment is great of attacks, or the Objectives.

– Add some Robo units if you are having trouble with killing the Objectives fast enough.

2 Stukov

– Great for defense and a bit of offense but offensive Detection will be tough.

– Try to just deal with the 2 main ramps until Creep has spread far enough to deal with the expos.

– Try to get to a StarPort so that you can at least help your Infested with mobile Detection.

– You still can do a lot without Detection with just Infested, but you will reach a point that they wont do any more.

– Your partner will play a big role for the first Objective, be sure to hold the main bases while they do their work.

2 Fenix

– Good commander for this week, great offensive capabilities.

– I like Robo for ground comps and Stargates for air, you can always just go Robo Gateway if you want though.

– Arbiter suit is great for Detection in pinch but try to always have an Observer.

– Conservators are important for the mid to late game as you will need mobile warp-ins and the Shield will help a lot.

– Dragoon suit an attack without vision so try to save it for attack waves.

2 Raynor

– Okay commander for this week all the Scans that you will need will cut into your economy.

– I like to have 8 OCs for attacking Scans, any more you can use for economy.

– I went for 3 Bunkers worth of Marines, and 3 to 4 Tanks at the main base ramps, plus 4 SCVs for repairs.

– After my defense was up I went on offense.

– Bio is great here as you can reinforce on the go easily.


– I feel like an 1 base build might work out well, but if you have a really good partner you can take the expos and defend them.

2 Karax

– Great commander for this week but you will have to rely on your partner for parts, you will have a great defense.

– An Observer Cannons Batteries and Monoliths will be all that you will need for each ramp.

– Once you have all the defense you need go for Carriers with a few Obs to start to help clear.

– Spear of Adun should be upgraded to get the most out of it.

– Be sure to build the Stargates at the expo to reduce the rally distance.

2 Swann

– Defense is easy but parts will be hard to get until defense is up.

– I like to have a few Tanks, Flaming Betties, Spinning Dizzies and Rocket Turrets at each ramp.

– Once you are done with static defense you should start to build Goliaths and Science Vessels.

– Laser Drill is great for attack waves so be sure to use it asap and upgrade it asap as well.

– Try to watch your detection because if you lose it you can no longer help.

1 Dehaka

– You can do a lot with a one base build but you will need to get a lot of Wurms for the ramps and early detection.

– I like once I have enough Wurms to start going for Mutas as they are fast and have good DPS.

– You still will need to deal with some of the Void Reanimators as Wurm will eventually go down.

– Once you have Dehaka detection be sure to move all the Wurm back to your ramps and bring out all your Mutas.

1 Abathur

– Really good commander for this week, you will need more early game units than you would normally make.

– I found my self going for more Roaches than I usually do as you need more to finish off the early game.

– Once you have enough ground army start to work on Mutas and putting Spines on all the ramps.

– With Spines and Spores and Toxic Nests you should be able to hold off all the Void Reanimators.

– Adding a few Overseers to the ramp will help when Void Reanimators show up, that way you can just Deep Tunnel to kill them.

1 Nova

– So good this week, she has early Detection and can 2 Shot Reanimators with Snipe.

– I still like to have Ravens with my army but mostly for tanking purposes.

– Tanks are still good here and Liberators can do some great damage.

– Be sure to rush the Detection upgrade for Nova.

– Griffin Air Strike and Sabotage Drone both work without Detection so dealing with encampments and attack waves should be a breeze.

1 Vorazun

– Great commander for this week, you can defend and attack well this week.

– Shadow Guard can just get parts well.

– You can do a lot with a Dark Pylon and Cannons for defense, be sure to get the Dark Pylon Mastery, if you can get a Dark Pylon on each ramp and Cannons you should be fine.

– DT Corsair is great this week, be sure to get all the upgrades this week, Void Stasis is great this week, so be sure to get it as it will help to keep your Oracles alive.

– Time Stop is great for encampments and Black Hole for attack waves.

1 Kerri

– Kerrigan is good for this week, Hydras seem to work well for this as they can use the Omega Worms easily.

– For the early game you don't need detection you can just use Kerrigan Dash attack to clear any units you need.

– I like having Overseers on all the ramps to deal with Void Reanimators, or at least et you vision for units in the Omega Worms.

– I think I like unit gas cost more here as there is no extra damage mutators just the Reanimators, so I like more units.

– Some comps will attack Overseers aggressively so making extra Omegas might make more sense, you might not have extra ones

1 Zeratul

– Great commander this week, Cannon spam and good Zeratul micro can take you far.

– Zeratul can go for all the detection first that way he can get all parts for the first Objective.

– A few Abrogators are great for each ramp, add in the Monoliths and you can hold anything.

– Be sure to use Projections to clear and deal with Reanimators.

– Observers around the map will help a lot.

– Try to use Observers to get you vision for each set of offensive Cannons.

– You might want to leave a few Cannons on each ramp that you don't have on a control group to help with random units that come your way.


Tier 1 Can defend the Void Reanimators and push to get all the parts you will need.

Tier 2 Will have trouble with defense or pushing, late game will feel better though.

Tier 3 Not recommended.

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