Mutation Week 150 Moving Costs Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 10 - Mutation Week 150 Moving Costs Ranks/Tiers

This week isn't so bad especially if you can go for a hero solo or you are Stukov. Economy is important because without it you are going to have a though time getting ahead of Micro Transactions. For commanders that can only make units try to have a rally set to a single unit then just move and attack with the single unit to avoid losing lots of minerals and gas, heros can work well for that too. Air units will survive a lot better but then there is nothing on the ground to tank for the Trucks, so its a toss-up. This week is really just annoying but there are stars see the list below. Good Luck Have Fun.

Here is the link to the VOD

Last weeks all commanders is here


2 Alarak

– Not the best this week, I think that a Robo comp will be best but either way you will have some issues.

– Having Alarak with the army can do good work but he might end up killing a lot of his units as it will be a lot of micro to keep everything alive including the Truck.

– I went for War Prism for the Memes but it worked out okay with Structure Overcharge and Alarak for defense.

– Same thing for all commanders try your best to keep the Truck as far back as possible to avoid extra damage on the Truck.

– The Mothership is still super powerful so be sure to use it asap and get the most out of it.

2 Vorazun

– Fine commander for this week I like Voidrays here but with the perfect amount and control you can get away with DT and Corsair.

– Time Stop is super OP here so be sure to call it out and get the most out of it.

– Same deal with all commander that make unit have one unit be the main that all others rally to.

– Upgrades are important, make sure to get the extra range and attack upgrades.

– With any air army be sure to place the Truck as far away from the objective as possible while still disabling it.

2 Karax

– Okay commander for this week, I like Carriers and Cannons for defense.

– Make sure to get 1 Robo to get an Observer.

– The biggest problems this week for Karax is getting the gas you need for Carriers and keeping the Truck alive because you don't have anything on the ground to pull agro from the Truck.

– Your defense should be fine this week as you should have a lot of minerals for Cannons.

– Get at least level 1 Spear of Adun.

2 Raynor

– Fine commander for this week, I like Battlecruisers and Marines to hold the ground if needed.

– You should only need around 3 OC, so don't over make them.

– I like to have around 6 Barracks to call in Marines if you need it for defense or to hold off ground units from the Trucks.

– Call downs should carry the early game easily, Once you have both your main and expo saturated you should be fine to start all upgrades you need and getting a bit of Marines for defense.

– Try to have all Starports rally to 1 BC, then move that one, once you have around 10 BCs you can move all of them.

– Be sure to Teleport back to base to repair after every objective.

2 Swann

– Fine commander for this week the call down and Laser Drill are very good this week.

– I like Goliaths and Science Vessels this week, be sure to rally to a location in base then shift click to you single unit to ensure that at least all you units wont just sit around you Factories.

– Use the Laser Drill asap to ensure the most damage.

– I like to get the extra attack range upgrade here to get the most out of every unit.

– Attack damage upgrades are also great here too.

2 Artanis

– Good commander for this week, I like Tempests.

– The best way to avoid spending too much money on movement here is to set 1 Tempest that all others follow, the only problem that will arise from that is the back ones might not be in range so try to move then a-move them to ensure all Tempest are in range.

– Make sure that you have a few Gateways so that you can warp-in Zealots to tank for the Tempests and the Truck.

– Guardian Shield is still OP here so be sure to use it well.

– If you lose you main tempests its okay to F2 just to set a new Tempest as the lead or to ensure that all your units make it out of the blast radius.

1 H & H

– Great commander for this week, I like Widow Mines for defense and Strike Platforms and Wraiths for offense.

– Be sure to get a Raven so that you can get the locations of the enemy units and start to clear before you send in you Truck and Wraiths.

– Call downs are great as usual try to use them asap and spread out the dps with them.

– Be sure to get the upgrades for the Ravens, Wraiths and Widow Mines.

– Mag-mines on the Ramps and that should be all the defense you need.

– Don't worry about having your Wraiths follow just one, micro them like usual then when a new charge come up just save up for a new Wraith and repeat.

1 Zagara

– On the lower side of the hero commanders but can still do well, the last Objective might be a bit tough without some unit support.

– I left all my units at home for defense then used them to clear the last objective, but you can also take them to every objective then just rebuild your defense.


– Hydras are super good here but be sure to get them out of Scorched Earth as they can die very fast.

– Roach Drop and Frenzy are still you friends here but if you use Roach Drop to far into an encampment you will lose them fast.

– Upgrades as always and micro micro micro Zagara, energy will be the tough part this week for Zagara.

1 Tychus

– Fine commander for this week, I would only go for 3 heros (Tychus, Sirius, and Sam) and fully upgrade them.

– Don't worry about attack and defense upgrades until you finish at least the first 3 upgrades for each unit.

– After you get either Sirius or your first Tychus upgrade get all 3 Medivacs then go back into upgrades.

– Try to set far locations that you are a-moving your units to avoid spamming a-moves.

– One very important upgrade is the Big Red Button as it can clear out entire encampments.

1 Fenix

– Great commander for this week, I like Carriers here.

– What is great about Fenix this week is that even though you go for an air army you have Fenix to pull ground agro.

– Make sure that you get the detection upgrade for the Arbiter Suit so that you can see Cloaked and Burrowed units and while in that form you might as well use Cloak yourself.

– You should have extra minerals for Cannons on the Southern Ramps.

– If you notice that the Truck is about to die pull it back and bring in the Praetor Suit to pull the agro.

1 Abathur

– Great commander for this week, I like going straight into Leviathans.

– Be sure to get all the air upgrades that you need.

– I like to go for Guardians and Devourers as well and have them just rally to one of the Leviathans.

– I really recommend going for Guardians if there is any ground comps because of the super long range.

– Attack upgrades are great here, also you should be building up a lot of extra minerals so be sure to spam static defense (but make sure that there is a path for the Truck).

1 Nova

– Really good commander for this week but I like a hero solo here better than an army.

– Griffin Air Strike and Sabotage Drone are a winning combo.

– For every attack wave and attack towards the Truck it will be better to be in Assault Mode, any other time you want to be in Stealth Mode, so this mission will be all about switch modes effectively.

– If you don't want to have to come back to bas at any time think about Tanks and Goliaths for defense otherwise try to save all money for Griffin Air Strikes.

– Defensive Drones are going to help Nova a lot this week as she has super low health and an objective can kill her with ones of its attacks.

1 Kerri

– One of the best this week, hero solo can do a lot.

– I went for mass Omega Worms to keep the enemy busy and pull the Objectives fire away from Kerrigan.

– Went for 50-50 in attack damage and energy regen, 100% for Immobilization, and 50-50 for research time and primary attack damage.

– Kerrigan will pull all the agro that you need to be more aggressive with the Truck so keep that in mind.

– With all the Omega Worms you should have no problem with dealing with every attack wave as well and being aggressive.

1 Dehaka

– One of the best this week, I like a hero solo all you need is Dehaka and your call downs.

– You can even give you expo to your partner.

– Keep making Drones and rallying them to your Dehaka den so that you can get him back asap if he dies.

– If you have to make units think about Creeper Hosts for defense then at the last objective bringing them in.

– Really though he is one of the best if not the best this week.

1 Stukov

– Going to say that he is the best all around this week, just set your Psi-Emitter and you can close you eyes.

– I like to let my call downs do all the work in the beginning here while I get the Infested upgrades and finish economy.

– You can slow down your economy if you feel you need to rush Bunkers because you don't feel as comfortable with call down micro.

– Once you have your economy up focus hard on Bunkers and Truck micro and you should be fine; its better to lose most of a wave of Infested and keep the truck alive than lose the Truck and keep Infested alive.

– The Alexander is the best way to push and the Apocalisk is a great way to defend if you don't have enough Bunkers on a ramp.

1 Zeratul

– Guess what best commander for this week again lol.

– Mass Cannons are the best way to go.

– Learned something; if you have Shield Guards around your Cannons the Shield Guards can help to replenish the Shield on the Cannon Projections.

– Be sure to get all the Shards asap so that you can start Warping in Cannons.

– Get a few Observers and put them around the map for vision.

– I like the Avatar of Essence here as it can make any attack that much better.


Tier 1 Micro Trans can be easily dealt with, and Scorched Earth isn't so bad.

Tier 2 Micro Trans is annoying and you spend too much money moving your army around.

Tier 3 Not Recommended.

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