Mutation Week 151 Memorable Boss Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 2 - Mutation Week 151 Memorable Boss Ranks/Tiers

Hey everyone this week is super tough. I've bee able to do it with Vorazun (and a good Ally). Try to get together with your ally before playing and come up with ideas about who to attack first and what the end game will be. At this point I know I'm not going to get everyone done :(. So here is your chance to help, please let me know which commanders you have done and your rankings. Good Luck and Have Fun.

Here is the link to the VOD

Last weeks all commanders is here











H & H


2 Raynor

– Okay commander for this week if you can clear the span locations and also the detection around them you an get Spider Mines and camp the spawning locations to not deal with more than half the Heros.

– Vikings are great for after you get enough Vultures and Mines.

– Hyperion is good for dealing with the Heros.


– Turrets around the Gates will help a lot as buildings are not effected by the Moment of Silence.

1 Alarak

– Great commander for this week, if you have amazing skills.

– Between Alarak's Destruction Wave, Ascendants Orb, and Havocs Force Field you an do a lot to keep every enemy away and even kill attack waves before they are even fully on the map (thus avoiding Heros).

– When the Heros from the Shuttles spawn be sure to use Force Field to keep them away.

– Its more important in the early game to get more Ascendants and your few Havocs then any real amount of Supplicants.

– Alarak can deal with the early game simply by kiting and using Destruction wave and Structure Overcharge at your main Ramp.

1 Zeratul

– Good commander this week, Cannons are not effected by Moment of Silence.

– You should try to be on top of every attack wave and have Cannons in place early.

– A Vorazun partner can do a lot to help you get extra time for Cannon Projections.

– I like the Avatar of Form

1 Vorazun

– Time Stop and Black Hole are great here.

– I Went for DT Corsair, make sure you get all their upgrades and at least all the air attack upgrades.

– I went for Blink first so that I could Blink away for Moment of Silence after a Hero dies.

– I turned off auto-cast for Shadow Fury so that I could manually cast it on Heros when they are by themselves.

– Black Hole is great between TS make sure you and your partner communicate to know where the Black Hole will be.

1 Abathur

– One of the best this week, if you roll for Protoss ground you should be able to clear entire attack waves before they spawn and avoid the Heros.

– Try to get your 3 Brutas before you Leviathans.

– After you get all 6 Evos then start to make Swarm Hosts for the free units as they will do goo damage and pull a lot of the Spells from the Heros.

– The Leviathans have super long attack range and can kill the Shuttles without getting effected by Moment of Silence.


Tier 1 Either can kill all units before the Heros spawn or can deal well with them once they arrive.

Tier 2 Good defense but Heros are tough.

Tier 3 Not Recommended.

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