Mutation Week 155 Wheel of Misfortune Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 10 - Mutation Week 155 Wheel of Misfortune Ranks/Tiers

This week we are back to the Wheel of Redundancy. Oh what fun, this mission isn't that bad but as usual the RNG can be great or hurt you really bad. Try to roll with the punches and nothing is wrong with giving up on the set of mutators, and rerolling. Good Luck and Have Fun.

Here is the link to the VOD

Last weeks all commanders is here


3 Vorazun

– Not the best this week, Voidrays are the best for consistent damage but If Black Death shows up you will be sad.

– Corsairs are good to add as well you don't need to get Cloak for them.

– Upgrade at least air attack.

– Cannons can help a lot if you need extra ground defense.

– Right now Dark Pylon Recall doesn't work so keep that in mind.

3 H & H

– Not the best this week, basic unit composition will work but many of the Mutators will have a negative effect on H&H.

– Call downs are great for attack waves.

– Strike Platforms can have their place in your army, but if you get too many air units it will be tough for you.

– Watch out for Amon's AOE damage mutators as your production will be out on the field.

– I really like Horner units if you can get to them as they do a lot of damage.

3 Alarak

– Not the best this week, Mech is great for holding but I got Black Death every time with him sooo.

– Make sure to make a few Pylons at every ship to help defend.

– Upgrades as always.

– Try to stay on top of Alarak as you defend as he can take care of an entire side all by himself,

2 Dehaka

– Can do very well this week Black Death is going to be one of the tougher Mutations.

– Once you have your basic army try to watch out for Mutators that will mess with you.

– Creeper Host have a long range but the cool down is far too long to defend an shuttle by themselves.

– Dehaka can hold entire sides without much help as Infested are great for Devour because, the cool down is super low.

2 Zagara

– Fine commander this week, great for clearing not so much for holding the Shuttles.

– Try to focus on Zagara micro when dealing with the Shuttles.

– Make a ton of Banes and have then next to the Shuttle to ensure that you don't waste them all.

– I like to have all my rallies at the expo so that you can defend the attack waves without much micro needed.

– Upgrades as always and try to stay on top of them.

2 Raynor

– Fine commander for this week but you will find many mutators that can really put a damper on your game.

– One of my least favorite is going t o be Slim Pickins as it reduces the total minerals on the map by a third and if you have a real OC count you will mine out of the map fast.

– I like Bio here but Mech has it's place.

– Tanks will always do well, but if Black Death shows up you will lose everything.

– You can always go for Bunker as the Ships but any map aoe mutator will stop that fast (Going Nuclear, Orbital Strike).

– Upgrades as always.

2 Artanis

– Fine commander for this week, early game can be a problem as you will only have Zealots an Dragoons and mutators like Just Die will make it very tough.

– Upgrades as always.

– If you have to deal with things like Blizzard Robo might not be as good as they are super slow.

– I like to go for Zealots High Templar and Archons, but you all know that by now.

2 Fenix

– Can do very well with any of the hero units.

– I like Colossus here as they can do a lot to clear the Infested.

– Adepts are grea5t as well they hit air and have Projections.

– Once you finish up your expo try to get all the Heros you want.

– Carries have their place as well.

– Upgrades as always.


2 Swann

– Fine commander for this week, Tanks and Goliaths with Science Vessel support is all that you should need.

– Once you have the expo up and 8 Tanks in a Hercules and production it should be smooth sailing.

– Early Move Unseen can be trouble some, as you want to be able to clear the expo with just the Concentrated Beam and the Combat Drop.

– Try to keep 8 Tanks in a Hercules at all time should be all you need to hold a Shuttle.

– Laser Drill upgrades as always.

2 Karax

– Good commander this week, I went for static defense Karax here an it went well.

– There are a couple of mutators that can mess with you, Lava Burst and Going Nuclear come to mind as any static defense you make will be destroyed.

– Think about Cannon health masteries to combat the random mutation.

– Spear of Adun as always is great here.

– Try to send your Probe around the back side of the expo to start working on the expo asap.

1 Stukov

– Great commander this week, be careful about Going Nuclear and Orbital Strike and any other AOE damage that Amon can do.

– Transmutation is also bad.

– Go for Bunkers as always.

– I don't think that Tanks are the best here as Black Death is most likely to show up and they will just die.

– Call downs are great for attack waves and to defend a Shuttle that might be lost.

1 Tychus

– Great commander this week, any mutation can be dealt with, Nikara might be needed to combat Black Death.

– I like to be sure to get 14 workers on minerals and 1 fully saturated gas Geyser then work on the upgrade faculties.

– Try to base the next Hero based on the mutations that are active.

– Sam is great for the bonus so if you want them go for Sam early.

– Upgrades attack/armor are good no matter what so try to get as high as possible.

1 Abathur

– Great commander for this week, Evos and Mutas will do very well.

– If Black Death shows up just move your Evos back to your main and wait for Black Death to go away.

– Upgrades as always.

– You will build up extra mineral so be sure to get static defense.

– Any full Biomass unit can out heal almost anything.

1 Nova

– Great commander for this week, she can almost Hero solo the entire mission.

– She can handle all ground units for the first 2 ships but air might be tough.

– Griffin Air Strike is still great here, great for attack waves.

– Once you have your expo and army try to save unit cool downs for when you need it, that way if Black Death shows up you don't waste a bunch of units.

1 Kerri

– One of the best this week, Lurkers and Kerrigan are all you should need.

– The worst mutations are going to be Double Edge and Diffusion as they can kill Kerrigan very fast.

– Once you have the first Shuttle taken care of think about a few Omega Worms and they rally all new units to the Worms.

– Lurker upgrades as always, and get at least all attack upgrades.

– Try to leave a few Spores for anti-air and you should be able to hold with just Lurkers and clear with Kerrigan.

1 Zeratul

– Great commander this week, go for mass Bunkers.

– Shards are priority until you have them all.

– Make all the Cannons in your main to avoid losing any.

– Be sure to make a few Sentries to heal your Cannons.

– Be sure to set the Projections before an attack shows up until you have enough to overwhelm the enemy.

– You can cancel the Projection to start the cool down faster.


Tier 1 Can defend the ships and mutators are not that bad, i.e.. don't need to change much tactics

Tier 2 Ships are fine but might need to rely on your ally at times during the mutation.

Tier 3 Not recommended.

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