Mutation Week 157 Hell Train Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 4 - Mutation Week 157 Hell Train Ranks/Tiers

Man Oblivion Express and Just Die, what fun. This week is all about that DPS if you have enough you should be fine. Scorched Earth isn't that bad and if you want to avoid it you an just go for air units. Heros should try to get rid of the escort asap so that they can focus on the train with as much DPS as possible. Wave clearing attacks should be used as often as possible to clear at least the first life of al the units. knowing attack patterns and putting all extra minerals into more dps to the trains will help a lot. Good Luck and Have Fun.

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Last weeks all commanders is here


2 Zagara

– Not the best this week, attack waves should be fine.

– Escorts for the trains need to be handled with care, don't just a-move as your Banes are just going to go after the train move in and surround then a-move.

– Air comps are tough as you will have to get the exact amount of Scourge while still maintaining the right amount of ground units for the trains.

– Aberrations have good DPS for the trains so think about making them.

– Roach Drop is a great way to hold back the escort to make the train isolated for your Lings.

– Upgrades as always and make sure to keep grabbing your free Banes.

2 Alarak

– Okay commander for this week, Ascendants and Supplicants or Wrathwalkers and Supplicants are good here.

– Try to have Alarak in the front and the dps units further back so that they focus the Train.

– If you go for Ascendants you will want 2 volleys of the Orb attack.

– Try to keep a set of Pylons of the Northern and Southern Tracks, for Overcharge.

– Try to use Alarak for crowd control and aoe attacks.

– Mothership seems to line up with an attack and then Trains.

2 Karax

– Okay commander for this week, but unless its a ground comp you might have trouble with train dps.

– If you go for Static Defense you will want as little as possible where the Trains converge and a lot of extra Cannon along the tracks BEHIND the main defense so that you can focus the trains.

– Spear of Adun upgrades are great.

– I like Immortals if you can but they will be a while before they can solo a train.

2 H & H

– Good commander for this week, attack waves should be okay and you can do a lot of train damage but you still might need help for the trains.

– Reapers are a great start but you would like to get to Horner units after the 3rd train.

– Ravens will help a lot to clear the trains so be sure to make enough of them.

– Call downs are for the trains (Call in the Fleet) and attack waves or escorts (Space Station Reallocation).

– Mines can help a lot for the attack waves but are not the best for the trains try, so be sure to deploy them before attack waves.

2 Fenix

– Okay commander for this week, try to go for Robo with Gateway support, Adepts if its air.

– Immortals are great at Trains dps, Colossus are great at aoe and Adepts are good for anti-air.

– Add Legionaries when you start to build up extra minerals.

– Fenix should be switching forms a lot to get the most out of all the energy and keep in mind that enemy units are invulnerable while being resurrected so don't just spam the Solar Dragoon ability.

– There isn't much use for Stargates so try to avoid them.

2 Artanis

– Great commander for this week, I like Robo here with mostly Immortals, but this wont help against air units.

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– If it's and air comp think about adding Dragoons or going for Tempests (make sure that you use Disruption on the trains to increase DPS).

– Solar Bombardment is great for the train and the escorts so try to time it right.

– Try to always presplit your army to reduce the amount of Scorched Earth you walk through.

– Try to soften up the enemy each time with Spear of Adun Solar Strike.

2 Stukov

– Good commander for this week, but Train dps might be an issue as you will find it hard to get enough Tanks and Bunkers in the right places.

– You call downs should be able to clear a lot of the unit escorting and attack.

– Be sure to build Bunkers where the tracks converge and then once you have around 10-12 Bunker there start building Bunkers BEHIND along the Tracks to help with Train DPS.

– Upgrades as always and be sure to stay on top of the Psi-Emitter.

1 Raynor

– Really good commander for this week, and can almost solo if its a exclusive ground comp.

– Air comps are very tough this week as you might find it hard to get the right amount of anti-ground and anti-air units. The nice thing about Raynor this week is that Spider Mines don't require any supply, so spam them.


– You will want to have at least 8 OCs but more is good too.

– Tanks are great this week against the Trains and the escorts.

– When placing Mines be sure to have them around but not on the tracks to avoid losing ones that don't trigger to the Scorched Earth the trains leave behind.

1 Tychus

– Great commander for this week he has some good aoe and Sam is all the DPS you need for the trains.

– Make sure to get same first and you should think about Rattlesnake for heals.

– I also like Sirius for ant-air an for tanking as well.

– Make sure to all attack an defense upgrades as they will help a lot to kill attack waves and the trains.

– Think about adding a few Turrets to the ramps for any enemy race as they will help to keep the random Hybrids and units away from your workers.

1 Swann

– Great commander for this week, the first train might be a bit tough if you can get vision.

– Make lots of Tanks and Turrets for the main units that escort the trains.

– Place a bunch of Rocket Turrets BEHIND you Tanks along the Tracks so that you can get a lot more dps.

– The Laser Drill should soften the enemies before they get close to your Tanks.

– Thors and Goliaths can help against Tempests and Broodlords but those are going to be the toughest comps.

– Missles Turrets in front of the Tanks.

– Focus fire the Laser Drill to the Trains to increase the dps.

1 Nova

– Really good commander for this week, Nova all her units on an other control group is good so that you can focus where you need to.

– Try to start every attack with an Air Strike to soften them up.

– If you have a ground comp you can just leave Tanks where the tracks converge otherwise you want a mobile force.

– Libs are great for Train damage.

– Try to stay on Stealth mode unless you see a lot of Bio or Lings.

1 Dehaka

– Really good commander for this week, looks like Guardians are the way to go her.

– Make sure to get all the upgrades for the units that you make. Dehaka is helped and hurt by Just Die as you can eat Psionic units twice but all units get 2 lives.

– You can go for Impalers if you see a ground comp but Guardians avoid Scorched Earth.

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– Call downs are the wave clearing force of your army.

1 Vorazun

– Really good commander for this week, I like Void Rays but be sure to presplit so you don't lose then all in one Storm.

– The first Shadow Guard for the rocks and the first attack wave the second for the Train and the second attack wave.

– After the Shadow Guards try to only use energy for Black Holes.

– Try to get a few Cannons on every ramp but more Voids is always better.

– Attack upgrades as always, and think about adding an Oracle and maybe some Corsairs for crowd control.

– TS for every train that you can.

1 Abathur

– Really good commander for this week, a few Brutalisk is okay but don't remake them if they die you want more air units.

– You will have extra minerals so be sure to line the tracks with Spine Crawlers so add extra DPS.

– Try your best to micro the Toxic Nests to get the most out of them, as you are going to want a few of them to get you Creep for more Spines.

– Add a few Devourers to increase the damage to the trains and add air AOE

1 Zeratul

– One of the best this week, Mass Cannons or Immortals will work fine, you can even go for Stalkers with good micro.

– Try to keep vision of the map for either the Void Arrays or just Cannon Projectiles.

– I went for the Avatar of Essence here as it makes it much easier to deal with any enemy unit.

1 Kerri

– Great commander this week, one of the best comps for this week is going to be Ultra Ling, they have great DPS and tanking and they will focus on the trains.

– I went for Mutalisks but they require a lot of micro to keep alive as all caster units in the enemy comp will get spells off as they will come back with full energy.

– Lurkers can be added if you want to have sieged force to keep all you other units behind to focus on the trains.

– Its a fine live between waiting to use Immobilization wave asap to clear one of the trains escorts, this will allow you to work on the train earlier. Or waiting to use it when both trains converge to kill as many units as possible, but having less time to kill the trains.


Tier 1 Can get enough DPS to kill the train and deal with all attack waves.

Tier 2 Waves are okay but need help for the trains

Tier 3 Not recommended

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