Mutation Week 158 Infection Detected Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 8 - Mutation Week 158 Infection Detected Ranks/Tiers

This week can be tough if you don't have any static defense and you don't have much AOE. If you can get some static defense at your expo you will do a lot better, and if you can't hopefully your partner can help with that. Early units can get overwhelmed so try to stick together unless you have a hero commander, then you should try to let your partner macro up while you hold the first tower. Don't feel bad about holding back for a bit to build up higher troop counts as a small force will just be overwhelmed, it will matter more to have a larger force then just sending in small sets of troops. Good Luck and Have Fun.

Here is the link to the VOD

Last weeks all commanders is here


2 Zagara

– Good commander for this week, if you get a ground comp you should be fine.

– Try to build Spines with Evolution Chambers in front of the at your expo to stop the Outbreak.

– You can start to spawn camp with Banes but be sure to not F2 all the time.

– It can be tough to clear and defend but you should be fine if you use al you have, Roach Drops are great for pulling agro Baneling Barrage is all about killing clumped units and Banes can steam roll any attack if its ground.

– When you get to the last set of Towers the Aberration attack waves from Outbreak will really do well against just Lings try to use your Banes for them and save the Lings for making Banes close and the Towers.

2 Artanis

– Although he can do very well against some comps there are some that will hurt him very bad.

– I live Archons, but against a pure ground comp Robo might be best.

– You need to build Cannons at the expos for the Outbreak.

– Be sure to get some Reavers against a ground comp, but their slow (Scarab) attack makes it hard to clear the Broodlings fast.

– When in a pinch you an try for just Dragoon Zealots.

– The most important thing you can do this game is keep you high tier units alive an always have more after ever tower, once you lose the bulk of your army it gets really hard to come back.

2 H & H

– Decent commander for this week, I like Reapers, Horner units can help but they are hard to replace.

– Leave you upgraded Galleons by the Transport and only move out with the Reapers to deal with attacks and the towers.

– Try to leave as many Mag-Mines with the Transport so that your Galleons and the Transport can stay safe.

– You don't have consistent base defense so think about Widow Mines or asking your partner for help.

– Call downs are your saving grace so be sure to get all the Strike Plats and use the other call downs asap to get the most out of them.

– Get at least attack upgrades and then work on defense after.

2 Karax

– Good commander for this week, but you might have a tough time with the offense portion of the game.

– I like a static defense build here, but Immortals and Colossus will do well against a ground comp.

– Air comps can be dealt with but it might be a bit tough without good micro, Spear of Adun and Immortal.

– If you go for the static defense build you need to get all the Spear of Adun upgrades, at least level one for a unit comp.

– Purifier Beams is good for clearing and attack waves.

– Try to camp spawning locations no matter what, you might need your ally to clear for you.

2 Tychus

– Although he is a great commander for offense your defense will suffer as Turrets are very low HP.

– You can leave some SCVs for repairs that might help but Aberrations will be very tough. I like Rattlesnake, Sirius and Sam for this any other heros have there place but the rest is up to you.

– Be sure to get all the Medivacs asap so that you can heal your troops.

– Odin is great for clearing large areas, try to have the upgrade ready for the cool-up.

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– Once you have your first couple heros try to get there upgrades so that they pack more of a punch.

– If you notice that you are always low on health try to stutter-step backwards more or think about Nikara. Both attack and defense upgrades are super important so be sure to get them.

1 Vorazun

– Great commander for this week, Voidrays will work and well micro'd DTS will also work.

– Try to make the most of an TS and watch out for the explosions as they still trigger when you use TS.

– Shadow Fury is amazing for clearing and avoiding the Explosions.

– Black Hole is great for attack waves try to ping your ally if they have AOE to make the most out of every Black Hole.

– For Outbreak defense you will want to have a Dark Pylon and use the extra minerals to make Cannons at your expo.

1 Alarak

– I like Ascendants this week, but they are a bit tough to use as they are slow and have super low building DPS.

– Try to keep the Ascendants at home for a bit so that they can build up HP.

– Alarak can solo the first Towers so focus on getting Cannons and your economy up so that you can just keep going.

– Try to have forward Pylons for Overcharge and warp-in locations.

– Use the Mothership to clear and deal with a few attack waves.

1 Fenix

– Great all around commander for this week.


– I like to go Robo with Gateway support but you might want to go for air if you want to micro less.

– Always try to have a Conservator with your army for the damage reduction.

– Fenix can solo and entire wave if you need.

– Try to always be switching suits to get the most our of the energy that you have.

– Upgrades as always.

1 Raynor

– Good commander for this week, you can defend with Bunker Marine and attack with Mech.

– I like Mech here as it has a super long attack range, you can spawn camp with Vultures and any air can be dealt with Vikings.

– Bio will work but you will need a lot of OC to reinforce and a lot of stutter step micro will be needed.

– Upgrades as always.

– The Hyperion and the Banshee are great for clearing as you Tanks and Viking can deal with attack waves and the Towers.

1 Abathur

– I like Swarm Hosts this week, the can survive the Self Destruction.

– You might need to be careful with the Hosts, they derp around at the end with all the Aberrations that are spawned leaving you not attack the right objectives.

– Get all your upgrades that you can so that the Locust do the most.

– I like to turn off auto-cast on the Swarm Host so that they don't turn into Brutalisks.

– Deep Tunnel new Hosts to your main army to avoid losses.

1 Dehaka

– Good commander for this week; I like Creeper Hosts for offense and Impalers for Outbreak defense.

– I think you will need around 5 Impalers and if you can make a few Wardens to keep units off of them you will be better off.

– Try to leave the Creeper Hosts with the Transport and only move them once you have cleared a wave.

– Upgrades as always.

– Be careful during the early game as when you Devour a unit not only will it set off an explosion right underneath you it will also spawn Broodlings right on top of you it's easy to get stuck.

– The down time between Locusts is the tough part of this for Dehaka, try to keep an eye on the cold down focus on Dehaka during the cool down.

1 Nova

– Really good commander for this week; I like Marines, Libs, Ravens, Tanks, Ghosts, and Goliaths if there is an air comp.

– For defense I would just get 1 set of Tanks and some Marines, But if you place enough Spider Mines you just need the Tanks.

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– I like to have her army on it's own control group so that I can micro Nova, and have defense or Tower dps if I need it.

– Get all your upgrades so that you can do the most.

– It never hurts to place Spider Mines around your Tanks incase anything goes sour.

1 Swann

– Great commander this week, if you can stay on top of macro-micro you will rock this week.

– You should go for Vespene Drone Mastery as you will need early units for this one to deal with the Towers and the attacking units.

– Make sure that you make some static defense for you and your ally at the expos to ensure that the Outbreak wont kill and income.

– Once you clear an area you should set a more forward rally for your production and think about making some static defense.

– Hercules micro can save your forces be sure to work hard at it.

– Goliaths can stutter-step very well so be sure to micro them.

– I like to have 2 SCVs constantly building Supply Depots to ensure constant production.

1 Kerri

– Really good this week, but air comps will be tough as Mutas need crazy good micro to stay alive and Hydras will die very fast.

– You can use the extra minerals that you will build up for extra static defense around the Transport or for you expo.

– Upgrades as always.

– Immobilization Wave is great here, but you might wont Gas Mastery so it might not kill everything right away.

– I like to keeping putting my Hydras back in the Worms to keep them alive after you clear about half a wave then leave the rest to Kerrigan.

1 Zeratul

– Guess what mass Cannons.

– Try to have Observers out on the field or at least a Zeratul that is always on the move.

– Once you have all you economy try your best to put all Monoliths next to the expos and 3- 5 Cannons that you don't project, or if you do you always keep an eye on your expo incase Outbreak units show up.

– Give up your chrono if you think about it you wont need it.

1 Stukov

– Really good commander, I like mass Bunker, but you might need some Tanks if you get a Swarmy comp or a Tank comp as you will need more range.

– Once you have your economy make sure to leave some Bunkers at your expos for defense.

– Once you clear an area think about trying to Build more forward Bunker and always have your Infested set to clear more.

– If you know the patterns for the Towers it's real easy to camp the Tower and the spawning locations.

– Call downs for attack waves and clearing.

– The hardest part about Bunkers on this map will always be Creep spread so leaving Bunkers in the mobile form might be needed.


Tier 1 Can hold the Transport, deal with the towers, and defend the Outbreak.

Tier 2 Good offense, or defense but might need help with the other.

Tier 3 Not recommended.

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