Mutation Week 159 Opportunities Unleashed Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 5 - Mutation Week 159 Opportunities Unleashed Ranks/Tiers

So this week can be tough for slower commanders. Couple that with Power Overwhelming and you can fins your army almost destroyed very easily. Try to be aware of the fact that the attack waves can come from anywhere and talk to your ally to be able to defend everything. There is nothing worst than losing at the last second because both you and your partner decided to go for the same Bot. If you go for a very high unit count for your army (like Raynor Bio) you will want to presplit before every attack, which is tough with Speed Freaks. Any way Good Luck and Have Fun.888888

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Last weeks all commanders is here


3 Vorazun

– Not the best this week, I found that Dark Archons can do well here.

– If you go for DTs you will see too much Irradiate and Shadow Strike doesn't do much besides trigger Barrier, and Void Rays are too squishy.

– Make sure that you make some Cannons or at least get an Oracle or 2 for Cloaked units.

– TS and Black Hole are great but the Archons lose some effectiveness as the enemy units are going to be hurting themselves if you take them over.

2 Alarak

– A good commander for this week the 4th Bot set will be a bit tough for you to defend everything, so be sure to pick a location and then let your partner know.

– I like Ascendants and Supplicants but Robo might work if you get the right comp.

– For the last couple Bot sets you can try to split your Ascendants in order to hold everything but you need at least 4-6 Ascendants in order to clear everything. Overcharge is great so be sure to have Pylons all across the map.

– Be sure to try and keep the Ascendants back until they get enough Sacrifice charges, that way they don't die.

2 H & H

– Really good defensive commander, and you can split well with Widow Mines, but clearing might be an issue.

– I didn't even got for Strike Plats as the enemy units are too fast anyway, plus it gave me more supply for the Widow Mines.

– I relied on my all for the Bonus and clearing besides a few Call in the Fleets that helped me clear.

– It seems like its best to choose 2 fronts to try an hold if you are good with Mag-Mine placement you can do more but make sure as always that you talk to your ally.

2 Karax

– Really good defensive commander for this week, if you have a partner that can clear you should be more than fine.

– Spear of Adun is great this week, get all the upgrades so that you can use the Spear as much as you like.

– You could go for the Carrier build so that you have an attack force and defense but you will find that the first couple bot might be tough.

– Be sure to get the energy regen upgrade for the Batteries and the Energizers.

2 Artanis

– Artanis is good this week, but some comps are tough and it might be hard to split until the later attack waves.

– I like Archon High Templar and Zealots, but for air you might want Dragoons and Robo.

– Solar Bombardment should be used for the large attack waves.

– Try to keep you High Templar as long as possible to get the most Storms.

– Try to keep Zealots and spell casters on their own control groups to ensure that you don't over micro.

– For the last couple Bots try to have 2 spell caster control groups and leave the Zealots off control groups so that the are move for tanking.

2 Kerri

– Great commander for a ground comp but air comps will be very tough. Your 2 units that have anti-air will just die to any AOE so be careful.

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– Ultras are the best unit here as they have high HP and are Massive with Frenzy so some spells don't even effect them.

– Spores might be the best anti-air but you will need to have pre-placed them to be effective.

– Immobilization Wave is still great here you should be able to use it for every big attack and at least once in between.

2 Raynor

– Raynor is a tier 1 commander if its a ground comp but if its and air comp he has issues with mobility to defend every Bot and the Power Overwhelming can hurt any clumped units.

– Always be placing Spider Mines to deal with the ground forces.

– Upgrades as always.

– Hyperion in the beginning should be used to clear encampments.

– Banshee are great for clearing and attack waves.

– Try your best to presplit but it many not even matter if multiple Black Holes or Fungal Growth or Storms go off.

– Just keep replacing your units.

1 Zagara

– Really good commoner for this week but you will need to have some Bile Launchers to ensure that you survive the last Bot wave.

– Be sure to pre-split and constantly micro Zagara to ensure that she stays alive and get good DPS.

– Frenzy is great for any encampment, also be sure to use the Roach Drop at the same time.


– Try to keep most things off control groups to help with splitting your forces, use the rally from Eggs to do that.

– Upgrades as always.

– Lastly to avoid everything dying to a single spell try to send things in in waves.

1 Tychus

– Really good commander for this week, I like Sirius, Nux, then any other Hero you want.

– I like to rush out Sirius for the Turret tanking, and then Nux for the AOE that can't be stopped by PDDs like Tychus grenade can.

– Once you have the 3 (total) Heros start to get all their upgrades and work on getting all Armory upgrades.

– Try to use the Medivacs for transport but you will need to heal here and there, especially if you go for a no healer build (like I do).

– Odin for big attack waves like the one after the third Bot set, or at least clearing big encampments.

– For the last set of Bot I spread out my Heros like this; Nux and Cannon Ball in 1 group and Tychus Blaze and Sirius in an other and had them in 2 different locations.

1 Swann

– Great commander for this week, Tanks Thors Hercules and Science Vessels.

– I went for Laser Drill mastery here.

– Try to get to the 8 Tanks and a Hercules as soon as you start the Laser Drill upgrades.

– Goliaths and Thors are the best anti-air, although Barrier takes a lot of the burst DPS out of their attacks.

– For the early game you want to have the Combat Drops do most of the work, try to have 8 Tanks by the time the second Bots dock at the Geysers.

– For the last (and even the second to last) Bots make sure to build static defense.

1 Nova

– Really good commander for this week, Griffin Air Strike when used well can clear entire attacks.

– I like Nova in the Assault Mode but for air you will need the Stealth Mode.

– Pick your favorite units for this one, some of the best are Ghosts Ravens, Tanks, Liberators.

– Defensive Drone will be very helpful but keep in mind that there will be a lot of AOE so you might need a lot of them to keep everyone alive.

– Make sure to split if you can for the last Bots.

1 Fenix

– Really good commander for this week, between all the suits and Hero unit this shouldn't be too bad this week.

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– I like to go for all Heros (although I don't always go for the Scout).

– You might start building up minerals think about adding more Gateways for a faster remax or Cannons for getting more time.

– Arbiter Suit for quick movement and Dragoon for soloing attack waves.

– A Karax ally might be the best for Fenix as everything stays alive and Karax can defend while you push into the enemy.

1 Dehaka

– Great commander for this week, go for Mutas or Creeper Hosts.

– Try to keep Dehaka on his own control group to avoid losing units.

– Dehaka should be able to solo most attack waves, if there are Psionic units present you should be fine.

– Once you have enough Creeper Hosts or Mutas you should be able to split into at least 2 groups Dehaka and units to defend more than one bot.

1 Stukov

– Great commander for this week, mass Bunkers are great here but be careful about Immortal and Tank comps as you will lose a lot of Bunkers even with good unload micro, think about Tanks earlier in that case.

– I went for a early double Bunker build then went straight for economy after.

– You should be able to have around 6 Bunkers by the second Bot group.

– Alexander is for clearing encampments and Infested are for holding back the attacks so that you don't have everything going after your Bunkers.

– Whenever an attack comes for your Bunker watch and be user to Unload any Bunker that is under attack.

1 Zeratul

– On of the best this week as buildings don't get affected by Power Overwhelming much.

– Try your best to be on top of all Cannon production and once you feel good about your Cannon numbers start to get Watchers all over the map for vision so you can Project Cannons anywhere.

– Either Avatar will work but once you have enough Cannons the Avatar of Essence will make more sense.

– Don't stop making Cannons and try to cancel Cannon Projections once you are sure you don't need them anymore to get the cool down started sooner.

1 Abathur

– One of the best this week, normal unit comp start out with the Ultimate Evos.

– I like Mutas with about 6 Queens for heals but if its an air comp think about Devourers.

– Toxic Nest and static defense the spawn locations when you can.

– Deep Tunnel if you get caught out of position.

– A ground comp should be an easy win for you.


Tier 1 Defense and Mobility (or army splitting) are not an issue.

Tier 2 Defense of attack waves is fine but mobility might be an issue.

Tier 3 Not recommended.

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