Mutation Week 160 One for All Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 10 - Mutation Week 160 One for All Ranks/Tiers

This week can be really tough if you don't know the timings and you don't avoid low tier units. Always prioritize the basic units first so that the Hybrid don't have hardened shield, this will help a lot.

Here is the link to the VOD

Last weeks all commanders is here


3 Stukov

– Super bad this week, but if you have to use him go for Bunkers with Tank support.

– Don't ever use the Alexander as it will just feed the units.

– Please don't use him.

2 Zagara

– Although mobility isn't too much of a problem here you are going to have a tough time at the very late game stage dealing with everything you need to as the Mutations will make it tough to finish off entire waves and then remax after.

– Try to be on top of waves with Banes and Scourge so that you can kill them all before the even fully get on the map.

– You have the AMP and the minerals Bile Launchers can make a huge difference so try to get them out on the field on at least 2 of the sides.

– Roach Drop to pull a bit of agro but really they will feed the enemy of dropped on a full attack wave, try to wait a bit for them.

2 H & H

– Good commander for this week, but controlling more than 1.5 lanes will be tough.

– You really need to know the timings and spawn location to work with H&H.

– Widow Mine are the way to go here.

– Use the Strike Platforms to clear the enemy bases.

– No need to go for Carrier Galleons as they will just take supply and feed the enemy.

– Call downs are great for attack waves or DPS ageist high HP targets.

2 Artanis

– Fine commander for this week, but mobility and pure dps might be an issue.

– You can get away with Robo against a ground comp, but I still like Archon and Zealot, you just have to micro either way.

– Shield Overcharge can do a lot here so be sure to use it when you need it.

– Solar Bombardment is great for Thrashers but I like it better for attack waves.

– Be sure to try and get the most out of each High Templar before merging them.

– You will need some Zealots for tanking and clearing the enemy bases.

– If you can you should save your minerals for Cannons at the spawning locations.

2 Karax

– Good commander for this week but Static defense can be tough to get everywhere if your partner doesn't help to clear.

– Carriers are a bad idea here as the Interceptors will just feed so a force of Gateway and Robo would be best here.

– If you are going for static defense and your ally clears you should try to camp the spawning locations.

– Spear of Adun is super important and you should try to get all the upgrades, the Stun is huge for holding units back.

– Try to not spam the Spear of Adun so that you don't waste it, let most of the DPS come from the static defense and the rest from you ally.

– Energizers are super important as well.

2 Fenix

– Good commander for this week, but anti-air ca be a problem.

– Carriers are not the best this week so try to avoid them if possible, the one nice thing about Carriers is that they are great at sniping unit once their Interceptors are out so think about having them on a separate control group.

– Fenix can mov around very well so try to always be out of the Arbiter Suit so you can Teleport anytime you want.

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– If you notice that the Hybrid have Hardened Shields and you cant find the mob you can always Stasis the Hybrids to single out the mob unit.

– Dragoon Suit for soloing attack waves.

2 Raynor

– Good commander for this week, but you really need a ground comp to clear most all attack waves.

– Try to clear asap so that you can start to work on camping the spawn locations.

– Vultures are you bread and butter this week try to keep them alive.

– If you don't make enough Spider Mines you can lay more on top of the enemy so long as you have your Bio tanking the damage, not recommend though.

– Hyperion is great for clearing but keep in mind that once it goes away the PDDs that it created will just Transmute a enemy unit, so try to use them sparingly.

– Try to know the timings and be ready for them.

1 Stetman

– A good commander for this week, but you have to base the comp of the enemy comp.

– Ultras for the ground and Corrupters for the air, be sure to micro both.

– Be aware of the Stetelite bonuses as they matter a lot.

– Gary can do a lot for the early game but the orb attack does take a while to finish so you might have a couple units Trans mutate.


– Avoid Hydras as they will die fast.

– Upgrades as always, and be sure to get attack and defense upgrades as well.

– Use the speed boost to get around.

1 Swann

– One of the best this week, but air comps can be a problem.

– With static defense and Hercules you should be able to be wherever you need to be for any attack.

– Once you have your Laser Drill upgraded and the Herc with Tanks get aggressive and clear the enemy bases.

– Laser Drill for any attack that you can try to clear them before they get anywhere.

– Be sure to use the call downs to clear the enemy bases and be a tanking force.

– Get those static defense upgrades and try to leave some SVCs with every bit of static defense to build more and keep things healed.

1 Abathur

– Really good commander for this week, Toxic Nest placement is important.

– I like to go for mass air (Leviathans Devourers and Guardians) against air comps and then Muta all evos against ground.

– Be sure to Spine your ramps to ensure that the random Transmutated unit does' go straight for your mineral line.

1 Alarak

– Really good commander for this week, with the Orb attack you get to clear all the mob trash units with ease.

– Be sure to start every attack with the Orb and Alarak's wave attack.

– Try to have a Pylon at each ramp and spawn locations or at least your side.

– Minerals will be the toughest part here so try to not lose too many Supplicants.

– Mother Ship can hold an entire attack wave so be sure to use it asap as it will do a lot.

1 Dehaka

– Good commander for this week, try to find the Psionic units to eat that will help a lot.

– IF you don't find or see any Psionic unit some might change into them after Transmutation so that might help.

– I like Mutalisks the most here they have the most consistent DPS but Tyrannosaurs are good against ground.

– Dehaka can solo against basic unit but he will need help against the Hybrid.

1 Tychus

– Really good commander this week the toughest parts will be Tychus taking a lot of Dominator Yamatos.

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– I went for Sirius > Sam > Nux/Vega/ Rattle Snake.

– Upgrades as always.

– Medivacs are great for transporting your units.

– AOE is great for the mob units so that is why I like Nux, but if you go for Vega be sure to Dominate the stragglers as that will make killing the Hybrids so much easier.

1 Kerri

– Great commander for this week, go for Ultras no matter what.

– If its an air comp start to camp the spawning locations with Spores to clear the air.

– Omega Worms are great here so be sure to get at least 4 of them.

– Upgrades as always and Try to max asap.

– Immobilization wave should be used asap to get the most out of it.

1 Vorazun

– Great commander this week, between TS BH and Dark Pylons, nothing should be too tough to deal with.

– Once you have your full economy up keep up unit production and then start to make Cannons on the ramps just in case.

– Keep on eye on your ally and try to help out with BH to not feed the enemy.

– TS should be used asap just wait for the next attack (no matter the size) and you should have a TS for all big attacks.

– Use the Dark Pylons for mobility and keep the pressure up.

1 Nova

– Great commander for this week, Griffin Air Strike is the best way to start any attack.

– Tanks are great against a ground comp and Libs for both.

– Ravens are still really good so be sure to make them.

– If you know the attack waves you can do a lot more with her.

– There will be a couple of time that you will need to pick up with the Griffin try to leave a Spider Mine or a sav for vision of the different paths.

– Goliaths are great here too.

– Lastly you should try to focus the mob units so that the Spider Mines do there jobs.

1 Zeratul

– Great commander this week, guess what mass Cannons.

– Not too much that hasn't been said every week with Zeratul.

– But I'll say this know the attack patterns helps a lot as you don't really want to warp-in Cannons on top of units as they might just feed, but even then it's not so bad.


Tier 1 You can avoid feeding the enemy units and can be where you need to be mobility isn't an issue.

Tier 2 You can avoid feeding the enemy units but mobility might be an issue.

Tier 3 Not recommended.

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