Mutation Week 161 Experimental Artillery Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 9 - Mutation Week 161 Experimental Artillery Ranks/Tiers

This week is all about the early game, you need more forces to overwhelm the Mutators. You can always try to go for a hero commander but you again must be careful as they will pull all the agro. Once you have the expo up you should be fine. Keep this in mind about the expos and the pathway to them; if it's a Zerg comp you will need to have detection in order to clear all the Creep Tumors that will give Amon vision. Any way this week isn't that bad just keep on top of your Macro and you should be fine. Good Luck and Have Fun.

Here is the link to the VOD

Last weeks all commanders is here


3 H & H

– H&H an do okay against a ground comp with Strike Plats and Horner units but it takes a while to get going and the Galleons will take a lot of agro during the mission.

– Try your best to avoid too many Reapers as they die very fast.

– You don't want to just make Horner units however as just a few of them will take too much damage.

2 Swann

– Good Commander, Laser drill and the call downs for the expo.

– I like Tanks and Hercules for clearing be sure to get your upgrades.

– Goliaths after you get your 8 Tanks.

– Laser Drill mastery is the best here.

– A few Hellbats might be good for tanking.

2 Karax

– Although he can clear the expo all by himself I'm calling him tier 2 as it requires some goo micro.

– You want to have few Zealots to pull agro while you use the Spear to clear a path to the ramp at the expo.

– On the lower part of the ramp you want to place a Monolith and a Cannon and then start to attack up.

– You will want to make units to clear most of the map as Static defense is hard with Long Range as the Probe will be targeted.

– Carriers are my favorite but be careful as the Carriers might get targeted by the Laser Drill and need to be pulled back.

– At least Spear of Adun to level 2.

2 Abathur

– Early game is going to be the toughest part of this.

– Early Biomass is very tough here as any Nests you place will be targeted right away.

– Once you have a large enough army you should be fine.

– Toxic Nest placement should focus on the attack waves.

– I like Roach Ravager here with queen support.

2 Stetman

– Okay commander for this week, Gary needs to constantly overcharge the Satellites to keep Gary alive.

– I like Infesters here or at least Ultras for taking.

– Once you get to the tech you want be sure to get all the upgrades that you can.

– Gary is very important for Overcharging Stetelite so that you can stay alive or get enough energy.

2 Artanis

– Okay commander for this week, Guardian Shell helps a lot, but the early game might be tough as you only really have Zealots.

– I like Zealot Dragoon with some Immortal support.

– Once you hit the mid game you should be fine but getting there might be tough.

– Solar Bombardment for the attack wave is a good idea but you should only be able to hit every other attack wave with it.

– Upgrades as always and try to stay on top of production.

– Lastly try to take your expo asap as if you don't you will never get enough units to overpower the Mutators.

2 Alarak

– You can do a lot with just Alarak but you will need a lot of Supplicants to start to clear a path to the expo.

– If it's a Zerg comp you will want to have a Havoc to clear the Creep Tumors.

– I went for a Robo with Supplicant support for this.

– Ascendants will work but they are slow.

– Try to always have a Probe with your army so that you can make Pylons for Overcharge and to be able to warp-in units on the field.

– Upgrades as always.

2 Dehaka

– Good commander for this week, I'm calling him tier 2 because you have to wait till you get out your call downs to really get going.

– Once you have your call downs you should be fine.

– I like Creeper Hosts here as you can do all the damage you need while staying safely out of range.

– Mutas will work as well but if the Laser Drill "kills" a Mutalisks the Laser Drill wont change target while the Mutalisks is being revived so it will die.

– Murvar can solo entire encampments.

1 Raynor

– Good commander for this week, with enough OC you can just spam Bio.


– Early game should be carried by your call downs.

– Think about a Bunker and some Marines for the first attack wave if your partner cant handle it.

– Kill the detection first with your Banshee so that the Laser Drill cant attack them.

– Hyperion for the expo.

– Banshee (after clearing a path to the expo) for parts.

– Upgrades as always.

1 Stukov

– Early game isn't a huge problem with the Alexander and the Apocalisk, if you get a Zerg comp you will need a Turret to clear the Creep Tumors.

– Be sure to make a few Bunkers and get the Infested upgrades as they can help a lot.

– Mass Bunkers or what I did Diamondback can work here, but I think that Bunkers might be best.

1 Fenix

– Good commander for this week, you have everything that you need right off the bat.

– I like Robo into Stargate into Gateway.

– If its a Zerg comp you will want to have an Observer quick to make sure that you can clear the Creep Tumors.

– I like to get the Observer Speed upgrade too.

– Fenix for attack wave and to tank for the Laser Drill, the Praetor Suit is great for tanking.

1 Vorazun

– Great commander for this week, you have to use the Shadow Guard well in order to clear the expo and the pathway to it.

– Start off clearing the pathway to the expo with just the Shadow Guard then use TS and the Guard to clear the expo.

– DT Corsair is really good this week, you might need an early Oracle if the comp is Zerg as Creep Tumors are Cloaked and they give vision.

– Black Hole for attack waves and TS for encampments is a good strategy.

1 Zagara

– Great commander for this week, Zagara can carry the early game and then you have suicide units so the Laser Drill doesn't matter as much.

– Be sure to have Scourge even if the enemy isn't an air comp as their are air units defending and there will always be transports for the attack waves and then you get to spawn camp.

– Try to start off attacks with Zagara's Hydras then move Zagara back to stop the Laser Drill from attacking her.

– Baneling Barrage is great for clearing clumps of units and buildings.

– Once you have cleared an area of basic unit then start the Ling production.

1 Nova

– Great commander this week, be a bit careful in the early game so that you don't lose Nova.

– You can hero solo this if you want but units don't really hurt.

– Pick your favorite units and get al their upgrades so that you can do as much damage.

– Liberators do very well this week so I would pick them.

– Sabotage Drone and Griffin Air Strike still do very good work here.

1 Tychus

– Great commander for this week, think about an early Healer.

– The Laser Drill will attack the first unit that it sees to be sure to have Tychus tank then drop the healing aura or move Nikara in after.

– Sirius might be a good second hero as if you deal with Zerg there will be Creep Tumors at the expo that need to be cleared in order to take the expo safely.

– Odin for encampments is good.

– Work on your upgrades.

1 Kerri

– Really good commander for this week, you need to be sure to get a lot of damage done with Kerrigan to keep her shields up.

– Omega Worms are good for mobility but they also work to get Kerrigan more healing rate as well.

– Ultras are the best this week as they have huge HP and can tank very well, but more than likely you will see air units so you might want to have some Hydras as well.

– Immobilization Wave is good as always to try to use it on the attack waves at least.

1 Zeratul

– Really good commander for this week, make sure to take out the detection so Zeratul can stay alive.

– Mass Cannons as always, and be sure to let Zeratul carry the early game.

– Once you get around 8 Cannons you should be able to start to Project them and do good work.

– A few Watchers can help a lot to intercept the attack waves and get you vision for the Projections while clearing the encampments.

– Either Avatar will work well here, I like the Essence for clearing and the Form for attack waves.


Tier 1 Can deal wit the Long range and has a good early game to carry the rest of the mutation.

Tier 2 A little sloe early game, Long Range and Photon Overload an be tough until you get enough units.

Tier 3 Not recommended.

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