Mutation Week 162 Nuclear Family Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 5 - Mutation Week 162 Nuclear Family Ranks/Tiers

This week you really want to try and clear the spawn locations before starting the battles with the Hybrids. This will help you set up some defenses so that you have room to kite and the ability to clear the basic units before you Engauge the Hybrids. Hardened Shell is very annoying so killing the basic units first will make a huge difference. The last thing that I want to mention is although last Hybrid spawn is very large you have a good chance of killing the basic units first as the Hybrids spawn away from the basic units. Take this into account and really beef up the defense at the ramps and leave just a little bit you hold the Hybrids back. Good Luck and Have Fun.

Here is the link to the VOD

Last weeks all commanders is here


2 Karax

– Okay commander this week, although you can kite the Hybrid Nukes and deal with attack waves, the best way involves static defense into Carriers, which takes a while, so I'm calling him tier 2.

– I went for Spear of Adun level 3 here as I was waiting for the first Hybrid to spawn before starting Carrier production and I had the Gas for it.

– Cannons and Batteries are fine for the beginning, think about helping your ally defend all the ramps and the expos.

– Carriers are great as they can outrange things once the Interceptors are out, and you can press Stop to pull back Interceptors.

2 Nova

– Good commander for this week, she can be tier 1 but as her units are slow and you might not be able to get away from all the Hybrid you might lose units so tier 2.

– Griffin Air Strike is good for clearing the attack waves and the basic units.

– Snipe is good for Hybrids but you need to clear the basic units first.

– Defensive Drone can help to keep units alive.

– Ravens are good for tanking and Tanks can help to Spider mine an area.

2 H & H

– So H&H has a lot of tools at hand for this one with Mag-Mines and call downs but you can lose it all very fast so I'm saying tier 2, but in good hands he is tier 1.

– Use your army to clear the encampment and save the call downs for the Hybrids.

– Call in the Fleet can clear the Hybrids with one use, so if you want to play it slow you can clear the basic units with the Space Station Reallocation then the Hybrids with Call in the Fleet.

– Mag-Mines are also great for the basic unit that spawn with the Hybrid.

– I like Battlecruisers and Wraiths to kill Hybrid but you can do well with well micro'd Mercenaries.

1 Raynor

– Great commander for this week, Bio and Spider Mines are they way that I did this.

– The first 100 gas should go towards a Factory to start the Vulture production.

– The first Banshee should g for the expo and the second to clear the first hybrid spawn.

– Hyperion might be best saved for the second attack wave scaly if its an air comp as the Banshee and the Spider Mines wont help.

– You might want Vikings if you use a lot of air Hybrid.

– Make sure to spawn camp the Hybrids.

1 Kerri

– Good commander for this week, air Hybrid will be the toughest part this week, as your anti-air options are not the best this week.

– I like Broodlords as they have super long range and can move fast enough.

– Kerrigan can go for max Immobilization Wave mastery to kill more basic units or the gas mastery and micro more.

– Omega Worms are for movement and to tank some damage.

– After you kill a Hybrid be sure to Leaping Strike away from the Hybrid to save Kerrigan.

– You can use Lukers to help with Infested defense.

1 Artanis

– Good commander for this week, I like Tempests here with Zealots to keep the Hybrid in place.

– IF you take it a bit slow you can use the Solar Bombardment for every Hybrid.

– Tempests have Disintegration, not only does it do DOT damage, which makes Hardened Shell not matter, it also has a super long range so start off any Hybrid battle by hitting all the Hybrid with the ability, then slowly kill the rest.

– Shield Overcharge can save an army from a Nuke and Guardian Shell can save the rest.

1 Swann

– Really good commander for this week, Laser Drill can clear almost all the defenses for the Hybrid before the battle even starts.

– Tanks have super good range and so do the Goliaths.

– You will need to watch your Hercules very carefully as you don't want to lose the Tanks inside.

– You will have a Pulse Cannon for the encampments if you need it.

– The first call down should be able to clear your expo and the first Hybrid spawn point.

– Lastly the Laser Drill should be able to kill any air unit until you have enough Goliaths.

1 Zagara

– Good commander for this week, Banes and Scourge are the way to go here.

– Be sure to make mostly Banes and Scourge for the Hybrid and then Lings to clean up the left-overs.


– You might find that there will be times that you will not kill all of the basic units with your explosions, and that isn't the best as you Banes and Scourge will not so as much, try to just have the right amount of units for each set of Hybrid.

– Roach drop is a great way to pull agro before attacking into an encampment.

– Make sure to get some static defense for the Infested.

1 Vorazun

– Good commander for this week, I like to go for DT Corsair. I like Time Stop for the encampments and Black Hole for the Hybrid.

– Try to use Shadow Strike for the Hybrid so that you are further away and may not need to Blink to avoid the Nukes, you can cast the Shadow Strike from the edge of the circle and still get all the strikes.

– Make some Cannons under a Dark Pylon for the Infested.

1 Abathur

– Really Great commander for this week, Brutas and Leviathans can use their Symbiote to kite the Hybrid and avoid all damage.

– Guardians are great for long rang attack to get the Hybrid to lower health.

– Devourers are also very good this week, their AOE is great for killing all the basic units.

– Try to spawn camp with Toxic Nests as well they have a chance of respawning under the units. 777777777

1 Alarak

– Good commander for this week, Ascendants can clear all the basic units very well and then clear the Hybrid with no trouble.

– If the Hybrid start to get too close Alarak can use the Wave attack and then push them back.

– Wait till you are far enough away to use Mind Blast so that you don't die.

– If worst comes to worst you can always just sacrifice the Supplicants.

– Be very cageful when sending Alarak in as you can wipe your entire army with a Nuke as Alarak will kill whatever he need to stay alive (including the Ascendants)and then the Nuke will clear the rest.

1 Stukov

– Great commander this week, Bunkers and Tanks with small Psi-emitter movement.

– Try to build bunkers behind others so that they stay alive while being built the Infested can be very annoying.

– Tanks are great support for any push or just the Bunkers.

– Let Infested clear the encampments with Apocalisk support and save the Alexander for the Hybrid, it will keep the Hybrid in one place and help you avoid Nukes.

1 Fenix

– Great commander for this week, Carriers ftw.

– I still start with the Immortal to clear the expo but after that it's all about Carriers.

– If you have Colarion in your control group with the Carriers and you press stop the Interceptors will not come back so make sure to have all the basic Carriers in 2 control groups to be able to pull back Interceptors.

– You can use the Dragoon suit to kill attack waves.

– You can use the Arbiter suit for 2 things besides basic teleport: You can freeze the Hybrids so that you can focus the basic units, or if you are about to get hit with a Nuke you can Teleport your units away (so long as you left the Arbiter suit far enough back).

1 Dehaka

– Great commander for this wee, Dehaka carries the early game and Creeper Hosts finish it off.

– You will most likely need two volleys of the Creeper Hosts to finish off a Hybrid.

1 Tychus

– Great commander for this week, Sirius Sam Nux, the mission should end before you get your 5th Outlaw.

– Odin for clearing the enemy encampments.

– both the Armor Shredder and the 2 Sam Detonator upgrades are great for the Hybrids.

– I like Nux because he helps to clear all the basic units so that you an focus on the Hybrids.

– Medivacs are great for hot pick-ups as well as simple heals and Teleports.

– upgrades as always.

– You might want to have a set of 3 or 4 Turrets with repairing SCVs at the expo and the ramp.

1 Zeratul

– Really Great commander this week, Mass Cannons is the best way to do this.

– Mass Cannons as always, Zeratul should be able to carry the early game.

– Try to have Shield Guards for the Cannons and Watchers for vision across the map.

– Monoliths should be all you need to clear the Infested problems at your main ramp and the expos.

1 Stetman

– Good commander this week, I like Mass Infester for this one as most units don't have the range to avoid Nuke damage.

– Gary can carry the early game, just be sure to get Super Gary and Over-Charge the Stetelite.

– Be sure to get all the upgrades that you can for the units that you make.

– After you spawn the Roaches it is a good idea to switch to the Speed Aura in order to get the most out of the spawned Roach's.


Tier 1 Can kite or deal with the Hybrid Nukes well, attack waves are not problem.

Tier 2 Might lose some forces here and there to the Nukes but attack waves are not problem.

Tier 3 Not recommended.

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