Mutation Week 163 Die Together Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 4 - Mutation Week 163 Die Together Ranks/Tiers

This week is all about working together and communicating; if you can do that you will do well then this week shouldn't be too bad. Cheap units that can be remade fast and high HP units help, so does having high DPS and ranged attacks. If you go for melee units (Zagara, Artanis) you want to surround the enemy before a-moving in.

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Last weeks all commanders is here


3 Alarak

– Alarak is not the best this week, you can go for Wrath Walkers, or Ascendants but either way you will have a problem with the attack waves or the Shards.

– Structure Overcharge is not the best when it targets units that you can't hit.

– Once you have your army try to presplit so that you can your ally can attack.

– If you go Ascendant be sure to keep them back, either comp you choose should have Alarak in the front keeping units back.

2 H & H

– Okay commander for this week but AOE can be the death of you.

– I like a lot of Reapers for this week as they do lots of building damage.

– Ravens will help a lot.

– Try to keep your Galleons back so that they don't die as they pull a lot of agro.

– Call in the Fleet and Space Station Reallocation are great for clearing Shards and attack waves respectively.

– You can start to get some Horner units later in the mission if you want.

2 Fenix

– Good commander this week, Carriers have the most sustainability so go for them.

– your expo is very important so be sure to take that Shard first.

– For the first Shard you can get away with just the hero Immortal and Fenix but you have to attack with your partner.

– You should be able to get around 5 to 7 Stargates for production depending on your macro.

– Upgrades as always and try to have a Conservator and Zealots to reduce damage and tank.

– Arbiter Suit for Stasis and to move your forces around.

– The Dragoon suit is still good but because of Polarity you will most likely lose it without ally support if you try to solo an attack wave.

2 Artanis

– Good commander for this week, great support and you can clear all but the last Shard with 1 use of Solar Bombardment.

– For the first Shard you will need to use the Spear of Adun to get more DPS as just Dragoons are not enough to clear all the units.

– Think about Shield Overcharge for attacking into anything.

– Once you have your economy up you should be able to slowly start to finish off the mutation.

2 Zagara

– Good commander this week, you want Zergling Evasion to make your units last longer.

– Be sure to move command around the entire attack wave then a-move to ensure that the units that you can kill are able to be targeted and your partner can get into range as well.

– Roach Drop for attack waves and encampments.

– Banes are good and you should make a few but Zerglings will survive longer.

– You should also make Scourge for the defense units and attack waves if needed.

2 Stukov

– Good commander this week.

– Although he has super cheap and disposable unit DPS Isa big issue this week for Stukov.

– You will find that it is needed to use call downs to clear attack waves and to clear a Shard, its normal for this.

– The best way to attack is to use Bunker offensively but there is great risk/reward using that strategy.

– Upgrades as always and once you have cleared a side start to at least move your Bunkers forward.

1 Swann

– Great commander for this week, with Tanks Goliaths Science Vessels and Hercules you can have a very mobile attack force and great DPS.

– The first call down should clear the attack wave and then start to clear into the first Shard.

– Laser Drill mastery is great here so be sure to use that.

– Tanks in a Hercules as always.

– If its a ground comp you should be fine.

– The Laser Drill is great for clearing the early air units and dealing extra DPS against the Shards.

1 Karax

– Really good commander for this week.

– You have to start off with static defense then move into Carriers as it takes too long to get your first Carriers out.

– Spear of Adun is great for Sniping the Rifts as if you clear the Rifts less unit will spawn.

– The first 2 Shards should be dealt with using just static defense.

– Once you get your expo up you should make 3 to5 Stargates depending on your gas count at the time, that way the next Chrono will get you 3 to 5 Carriers.

– Try to work on the Spear of Adun upgrades as well.

1 Raynor


– Really good commander this week, Bio is great here.

– Make sure that you go for some early Barracks for Bio when the Call downs aren't active.

– Hyperion is great for attacking anything that you want, Banshees are great for ground attack waves.

– You want to try and pre-split with your army and make room for your ally to get the most DPS against anything that you are trying to attack.

1 Vorazun

– Really good commander for this week, be careful about early air units, you might need to make some Stalkers.

– Corsairs are the best units for anti-air but they take a while to get the tech you need.

– You can snipe the Shards during a TS just make sure that you know who can kill the Shard.

– Blackhole is the best for attack waves as they usually clump up.

– Once you get to Corsairs, unless you made a lot of Stalkers, think about getting rid of your Stalkers or at least getting them off your main control group as they take priority over the DTs.

1 Dehaka

– Great commander this week, Terran will be the hardest for you of the enemy comps.

– You want to go for Creeper Hosts as they do good damage and you have disposable units.

– Try to keep Dehaka in the front and devour the right unit to keep him alive and deal good damage.

– Creeper Hosts should be watched as you don't want to lose any of them.

– upgrades as always and your call downs should take care of a lot.

1 Tychus

– Great commander for this week.

– Go for Rattle Snake as you will need the heals.

– I also like Sirius and Sam and Vega.

– Odin for the Shards as always.

– Once you get your expo make sure that you have all you Medivac and start to work on upgrades for Rattle Snake Tychus and Sirius.

1 Nova

– Really great commander for this week,

– Ravens Tanks Marines Goliaths Libs all the favorites work well this week.

– If you go up against a super high AOE or DPS enemy comp think about starting off all attack with the Griffin Air Strike.

– Try to always have a Defensive Drone ready for every attack.

– Sabotage Drone and Griffin Air Strike still work well together.

1 Kerri

– Really great commander for this week.

– Ultras are your best bet this week as they last the longest.

– Omega Worms are super important so be sure to make at least 3 of them.

– Kerrigan's Immobilization wave is super important as well.

– Broods can do well against a ground comp this week, but there will always be air units.

– So think about Kerrigan for clearing air or adding a few Hydras or Mutas.

– You can always add extra Drones and static defense if you need to (or want to).

1 Abathur

– Really great commander for this week,

– I like normal Evos and Mutas with Roach support.

– Roach's have super high armor with all their upgrades so if you want an army that can last think about Roaches.

– You can always go for Swarm Hosts and camp them just outside the area you want to attack.

– Vipers can also do a great job as well but in the end Abathur shouldn't have an issues once he gets his Evos out.

1 Zeratul

– Mass Cannons for the win this week, again I know.

– For the early game you are just trying to clear the small encampment and the first attack wave and the expo shard with your first 2 call downs.

– Once you have the first Shard cleared you want to get your expo and have the second Fragment for Zeratul so you can start to warp in Cannons.

– When dealing with attack waves you want to start off with a Monolith or 2 in the enemy path. then once the Monoliths start to attack try to surround the attack wave with Cannons, this will help your ally as your Cannons should tank the damage.

– The Avatar of Essence is great for the Shards as most unit will not be a problem and then you can focus the Shard.

1 Stetman

– Mass Infesters for the win this week.

– If you can get any extra gas this should be super easy.

– When attack waves come send Roaches in their direction, once attack waves are dealt with move on to the next Shard.

– You can almost solo the entire mission so don't leave your ally in the dark and without help just cause you want to finish a Shard, attack waves are more important.


Tier 1 Expendable units or high health units that can survive until you have your ally around to finish. Great DPS as well.

Tier 2 Lower DPS but can help and survive attacking Shards and dealing with attack waves.

Tier 3 Not recommended.

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