Mutation Week 168 Media Blackout Ranks/Tiers

starcraft 2 - Mutation Week 168 Media Blackout Ranks/Tiers

Here are the Mutations: Darkness – Previously explored areas remain blacked out on the minimap while outside of player vision. Missile Command – Endless missile bombardments target your structures and must be shot down throughout the mission. We Move Unseen – All enemy units are permanently cloaked. This week is all about detection and defending Missiles, this gets hard as the mini-map will fill up with orange dots as the indicators will never go away even after you kill the Missles. This makes it hard for the commanders that are going for defense while building up the required static defense. Once you have the right setup you should be fine, but until that time you will have to watch all sides of your base as the mini-map will be useless. One other thing because of Darkness you will need to have vision on the Crystals if you send a worker to pick them up, if you lose vision the worker will not be able to "see" the Crystal and not pick it up. Omega Worms, Sirius Turrets, Raven Turrets are great things to place to keep vision and allow your army to move on while your worker picks up the Crystal. Good Luck and Have Fun.

Player Commander Link Description
Hunter Tychus CassvkxdafU - Mutation Week 168 Media Blackout Ranks/TiersLink Nikara into Sirius
arceus Swann n/a Defensive
Hunter Kerrigan Link Omega into Ultras
arceus Swann n/a Defensive
Hunter Karax Link Live Monday 12pm PST
arceus Kerrigan n/a Offensive
Hunter Nova
CtG Karax DdRdN7ERKBg - Mutation Week 168 Media Blackout Ranks/Tiers


2 Tychus

  • Good commander this week, great offense can do a great job pushing the Crystals.
  • Try you best to leave a Turret when ever you see a Crystal that way you can just send a worker to the Crystal and not worry about sticking around for vision.
  • I think a Fixer then Sirius are the best bets this week in terms of Outlaw order.
  • Odin for clearing the middle area with the most defenses is a good choice.
  • Upgrades as always.
  • If you need to defend your own base try Turrets but you will need to replace them and keep SCVs on patrol to keep the Turrets that do survive healthy.

2 Nova

  • Great offensive commander, mediocre defensive commander.
  • You can go for Marines and Turrets for defense but that will get out of hand later when the Missles start to have self destruct, so its better to have an offensive and defensive commander set.
  • Nova can get you very fast detection through Nova herself so you should be able to push out fast.
  • Keep up with the upgrades and adding in a few Ravens can help a lot, for detection as well as to drop Turrets next to Crystals so that you can simply send workers to go pick them up.
  • Sabotage Drone and Griffin Air Strike combos still work well as neither one will need detection to work.

2 Kerri

  • Great commander this week, she can clear the map fast and can use Omegas for vision as well as movement.
  • Its best if you have a defensive partner that way you can focus on clearing, but Hydras and Spores can do well here, but you wont be able to use F2 for army control.
  • Be sure to place Omegas all over the map and especially next to Crystals so that you don't have to move workers across the map and you will keep vision of the Crystals.
  • If you can just go for offense I like to use Ultralisks here.

1 Raynor

  • Great commander this week, Bunker and Turrets for defense, Bio or BCs for offense.
  • Bio can work well here, but I like to go for OCs and Turrets in the beginning then transition using only the call downs till I have enough defenses.
  • You only have OCs for detection so you will need a lot if you are on offense.
  • Even if you have "perfect" static defense there will still be self destruction Missles so you will need to have SCVs on patrol to repair.
  • If you have a partner that is on offense for you can meme it an go for BCs, that way you can have more minerals for static defense.

1 Karax

  • Great commander for this week, for defense you will want to have Cannons Monoliths and Observers for this one.
  • Try not to lose focus while the mini-map fills up with orange dots, keep a good eye on the outside of all your bases to ensure that you kill all incoming Missles.
  • Once you have the bases covered, you have Monoliths and Observers, you can start to build an army or start to be aggressive with static defense.

1 Swann

  • Best commander for this week, all you need is an Engineering bay and you can deal with all Missles.
  • Laser Drill is still great here for attack waves and clearing encampments.
  • Since you will be focusing on Turrets for the early game you will build up a lot of gas so your first set of Tanks and a couple Science Vessels can be built very fast.
  • Don't move out without Hercules and Science Vessels.
  • Since you don't have access to easy vision sustained vision you are going to want to Move command to around the Crystals then once there grab them.


  • Zagara

  • Vorazun

  • Abathur

  • Alarak

  • Stukov

  • Fenix

  • Dehaka

  • H & H

  • Zeratul

  • Stetmann

Tier 1 Defense and Offense are fine, mobile Detection is easy.
Tier 2 Good Offense or Defense, mobile Detection is easy.
Tier 3 Not recommended.

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