My first PvP victory in Starcraft II

starcraft 3 - My first PvP victory in Starcraft II

Edit: I meant 1v1 with PvP. My bad.

Oh I feel SOOO good. Earlier today I decided to take my first step into Starcraft 1v1 after losing miserably to medium difficulty bots, and as expected, I got a new as*hole ripped open for me. I assumed it'd get me players of my level after enough losses, and on my fifth match, I finally got one.

I was playing the Tyrani– I mean, the Zerg, versus Terran. My last matches I couldn't do much if I tried rushing zerglings, so I read somewhere online about going for more gas and producing roaches. It also proves effective against people who make roadblocks with buildings. Surprisingly, I won the first skirmish. I upgraded my roaches to ravagers, and used that artillery shot to destroy his tanks, since he couldn't move them while in siege mode. Unfortunately I didn't have much of an army left to follow up on him, so I started regaining my strength.

After a few small skirmishes later, I made like 12 swarm hosts. My plan was to set up large squads of swarm hosts to both sides of his base, and just harass him to no end. The tactic would be to move the hosts closer every time the ability was about to be available, and then retreat farther to evade recon units that could spot them. I destroyed some of his structures which felt so goddamn rewarding, but I also noticed he made some aircraft units. "Oh shit" I said. My base was practically defenseless and I hadn't even made the spire yet. I rushed for some anti-air flyers, and got 3 out before his — rather small — army got there. Nevertheless, I think I would've lost without those units. I also had a lot of spawn hosts defending my base.

After that attack, I continued harassing him and just destroyed everything. I thought he had moved his main base somewhere because I saw it lift off before, so I was shitting my pants thinking he might be pulling some kind of act at his starting base, while secretly making a huge army somewhere I couldn't see.

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To my surprise, I already destroyed his last base which was on the third base spot. It was the one he moved. He left the game after he didn't have any SCV's or base.


Still though, the tensions were high for me. It was my first victory against a random player, albeit perhaps not a very good one. So happy right now. I didn't even use the keyboard buttons in this match. I've still got to configure them to my liking.

I feel like the Zerg might be a bit hard for my first race, the Protoss too. I hate how the Terran sound though, that's why I don't play them. They feel so… Texas-y? Is that the right way to describe them? Still, should I keep playing the Zerg? I like all the races, really. And what's the difference between Infestors and Swarm Hosts? I feel like Swarm Hosts are cheaper and can destroy buildings really fast if there's a group together, and the Infestors take way too long to charge their energy to produce units. Also, I feel like the game is majorly about knowing the enemy and making an army to counter his, so any help on spying? Tips are always welcome too!

TL;DR: Noob's first victory, zerg too hard for noob? Swarm Host or Infestor, and tips? Gimme a head pat.

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