NA GM Protoss Hacker TwTVJamesSC/Brandon/Cute

starcraft 10 - NA GM Protoss Hacker TwTVJamesSC/Brandon/Cute

TLDR BECAUSE LONG POST: I believe that Cute/Brandon quit playing on his Brandon account and made a new account called TwTVJamesSC. Initially on that account he stopped hacking for a while in an attempt to improve at the game. However, he ended up at the very using production tab hacks in his games to give himself an advantage.

I believe NA GM Protoss Player “TwTvJamesSC” is a hacker. I also believe he is “Brandon” AKA “Cute” from this thread:

The reddit post was made on 7/13/2018 and Brandon quit playing on 7/15/2018:

TwTVJamesSC began playing on 7/22/2018:

The hotkeys for James appear to be a scrambled version of Brandon’s with a couple of changes (reasonable assumption a player might hotkey something differently or add a new hotkey in a year’s time.) However, both players primarily just use the select all army hotkey.

It is also worth noting, both players do not macro very well. Pay attention to things such as idle probes and supply blocks. Both players struggle with this which is odd for someone 5700 mmr.

As for the hacking allegations, I believe Brandon/Cute/TwTVJamesSC learned from previous mistakes and is now trying more carefully to hide his hacks. Previously he was fairly blatant with following units in fog of war. Now, I believe he is either toggling vision hacks or is only using production tab hacks in some of his games.
In the first replay, the only real evidence is the mutas. Without scouting the spire, he chronos the stargate and makes shield batteries in his mineral line. It is possible he might’ve guessed mutas based on the state of the game. However, when you prepare for a possibility of something, you usually partially commit to the possibility for fear of over committing to something you aren’t sure about. In which case if you were prepping for the possibility of mutas, you would build the bare minimum required defense in hopes of not overcommitting and then when you know it’s mutas you can commit further down the required path to defend them. In this case, he doesn’t do this. He preemptively chronos phoenix/makes batteries before seeing mutas, and then after seeing mutas, he doesn’t add anymore defense until quite a bit later. You can also make the argument that his build order is a bit of a soft counter to his opponent’s where he does a build that’s not really a build and soft counters his opponent’s all in.


In this replay, the only real evidence is the defense of the bane bust without scouting information. Semi reasonable, but still worth noting.

Pretty solid evidence. His opponent goes pool first which he does scout normally. However, he only ever sees 1 ling. His opponent made 6 lings and properly hid 5 of them. James builds a full wall in his natural despite also scouting a third and not a fast gas. The only reason he would want a full wall is if he really didn’t want his opponent to scout. Since he only saw 1 ling, he knows there is at least 1 more probably going across to scout.

Finally, these two replays go together. The main thing to watch is how he responds to an identical build that firstly goes into raven in game 1 and game 2 goes cloak banshee. He doesn’t scout either game, yet has blind batteries and a faster robo vs cloak banshee.

More of his replays can be found here:

I would like to conclude that damning evidence is hard to find, considering if this is Cute/Brandon he is aware of how he was caught last time and is trying harder to be less blatant this time. I believe he switches off playing with and without hacks. So replays where he dies to cheese or whatever is not proof that he isn’t hacking or that he’s not Cute/Brandon.

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