Nates (Nathanias) no good awful very bad day

starcraft 2 - Nates (Nathanias) no good awful very bad day


Losing to mass tempests while playing mech is frustrating. Losing to another streamer playing an offrace of a lower skill level (as their offrace) than you is very frustrating. Directing your anger at the cause of the frustration is appropriate

Attacking Vibe personally, attacking his content and accusing him of smurfing while on an account called "Vibe" while they are actively streaming and EVERYONE knows who it is and while Vibe is on an account with MMR that is NEAR your own AND when it is a player that you know is arguably at or only SLIGHTLY above your skill level is NOT what smurfing is and is not very appropriate!


BUT THEN, as if you realized it yourself as you started to calm down and then you morphed your argument into "Vibe is bad because he bashes bad players for views" and "I don't respect someone smurfs and bashes bad players" which ….could be a fair argument but you damn well didn't start out with that argument nor do I think you would be bashing vibe for his "Bronze to GM" content if it wasn't for the fact that you were getting abused by tempests and had an avilo moment. You wouldn't be upset and have gone on a 30 minute anti Vibe rant if you didn't match vs him tonight and you couldn't give two shits if he levels up an account from "Bronze to GM" to tutorial for his viewers, you just got abused by a broken unit and got salty and that's all there is to it.

Control them emotions man. Be constructive and go tweet @Blizzard about their tempests ok?

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