Nations Rise Again: O’Gaming announces Nation Wars 2019

starcraft 9 - Nations Rise Again: O’Gaming announces Nation Wars 2019

Nations Rise Again

For months, we’ve been receiving tweets and messages from players asking when this announcement was coming. Well here it is! O’Gaming is proud to partner with Blizzard once again to bring you the 6th edition of Nation Wars™: Nation Wars 2019!

Nation Wars is the competition that gives players the opportunity to fight for something greater than themselves. It’s a truly unique format that we are excited to renew this year thanks to Blizzard! Mark your calendars:

· Registration Phase: July 14th -> July 28th · Voting Phase: August 4th -> August 18th · Qualifying Matches: September 30th & October 1st · RO24: October 3rd -> October 6th & October 10th -> October 13th · RO16: November 12th -> November 17th · RO8: November 30th & December 1st · Playoffs: December 8th

Players ranked Grand Master during the years 2018 and 2019 on European, North American and Asian StarCraft II servers can register for the opportunity to represent their nation. Any nation with at least three players successfully registered is automatically guaranteed to participate.

Then you, the community, vote for your players. The three players that end the voting phase with the most votes are eligible to play for their nation. If more that three players are registered for a nation, the fourth-ranked player is considered the substitute player.


A first round of qualifying matches is played to produce 24 nations to compete in the tournament. The top 16 nations will share a $40,000 prize pool, with 40% going to the winning nation.

Playoffs will be held offline with the top four nations to face-off in the brand-new O’Gaming studio, located near Paris, on December 08th.

Just like previous editions, O’Gaming will welcome and host an English casting crew yet to be announced, as the official stream of Nation Wars 2019 on

It’s a tradition for Nation Wars to be cast in many different languages by community streams. This year won’t be any different – community casters are welcome to contact Aeromi to get authorization to broadcast the competition on their channel: : [email protected] / Aeromi#6228 on Discord.

Previous editions of Nation Wars have been won by Norway (twice), France and South Korea (twice). O’Gaming and Blizzard Entertainment are very excited to see which Nation will emerge victorious in Nation Wars 2019. See you on July 14th for the Registration Phase!

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