Naval Units in Starcraft 3 anyone?

starcraft 6 - Naval Units in Starcraft 3 anyone?

As a fan of not only Starcraft 2, but also Total Annihilation who’s seen their epic naval battles and how they do their naval units / buildings, I think this is do-able in Starcraft and should be a feature if they decide to make Starcraft 3.

Some features / ideas of naval warfare I think might be cool to see in SC3 (partly inspired by TA and also Supreme Commander):

  • Mining minerals and vespene gas that are underwater or partially underwater

  • Underwater and floating bases; naval units NOT being auxiliary / niche units that mainly move in perimeter like in Red Alert, C&C, or even Warcraft 2. They can be the main focus like on water maps / maps with significant water in Total Annihilation

  • Floating or underwater Starports / Stargates / partially or fully submerged Hatcheries and Spires so you can build air units in naval bases

  • Floating or underwater photon cannons, missile turrets, torpedo launchers, spore crawlers, etc.

  • Some terran naval buildings can liftoff just like their land counterparts (command center, shipyard, starport)

  • Medivacs, Warp Prisms, Overlords can carry almost all naval units

  • Amphibious destroyers / other naval units that can go on both land and sea (e.g. like the destroyer ship with legs walking on land from Supreme Commander, hovercraft troop carriers, crab-like attack unit for Zerg, etc.)

  • SCV’s, probes, drones are all amphibious along with some select land units (e.g. Siege Tanks, Colossus, Sentries, Ultralisks, etc.) And you can build factories, gateways, robotics bay, etc. on water and they can only make these units; conversely, you can build shipyards/hydrogates on land that can only build amphibious naval units

  • Amphibious land units may or may not be able to attack while in water, and may or may not be submerged in water. Similar thing with amphibious naval units on land

  • Deepwater terrain where submerged units can hide and also attack other naval units and/or air or land units

  • Shallow water terrain where most non-submerged naval units and all land units can move freely, but land units move a bit slower. This is where we can have an almost full mix of land, air and naval warfare

  • Submerged units are cloaked, kinda like burrowed units on land. Some submerged units can be amphibious

  • Submarines that can surface to attack ground / naval / air units (e.g. submarine carrier, submerge-able battlecruiser, aqua brood lord, etc.)

  • Underwater mines / widow mines

  • Light units for Terran and Protoss would be like small gunboats (or even something like marines or zealots on “jet skis”). Zerg light naval units would be like piranhas

  • Special abilities on water can be the same as for land (e.g. Protoss Cruisestalker can blink, Terran Ghost Strike Ship can emp, lockdown, cloak and launch nukes, etc.) and also some exclusively for water terrain (e.g. Zerg Nautilus can use ink blast to temporarily blind all submerged units, damage / slow down naval units via algae bloom, Protoss Hydro Templar can immobilize naval units with psionic whirlpool, etc.)

  • Zerg Kraken / Leviathan units would be like their versions of battleships and/or carriers

  • Zerg can also have units like the electric eel, pistol shrimp, squid, etc. as well

I get that SC2 is very different from TA and Sup. Comm. but I think they can take their naval aspects and really make it their own and give them a Starcraft feel. I’m sure the creative guys at Blizzard can think of some better ideas than these should they do SC3 and look into naval units / buildings / terrain

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