New player, need help

starcraft 10 - New player, need help

Okay so i started playing SC2 just last week, i have a lot of gaming experience so i picked it up pretty fast and landed in platinum as a Terran, now i know this will probably get down voted to hell, but how in the hell should i play TvP and TvZ.

There's literally 2 viable strategies, cheese barracks at the start or try your luck with a timing attack. And the worst part is neither bio or mech feel good.

These are my main problems, if going Bio in TvP your enemy literally has to build only Zealots,Archons and Colossus, he doesnt even have to bother with the templar for the micro and can just A move to your main base. If going mech toss can just build Immortals and Stalkers, done and done he A moves again.

TvZ, going bio means the enemy will just cheese you with banelings, if any of your army is left standing then zerglings and roaches will clean it up, going mech gives you a fighting chance at least, for one fight that is, win or lose the fight the Zerg can tech switch so fast that by the time you get to their base he already has a perfect counter to you.

The thing that bothers me the most is how much micro the terran has to do while the other two races are basically attack move, i mean Siege Tanks and Liberators need to be carefully positioned, Ghosts,Ravens and even Marines and Marauders need to be microd as well, toss has an auto shield on Immortals, auto charge on Zealots, NOTHING on Archons. It feels so hard to establish proper map control when you're constantly having to micro your army while the enemy forces can move around you.


The 2nd thing that bothers me are the upgrades, protoss literally has shared upgrades for all ground forces and the shields are shared by all, Zerg has a shared ranged upgrade and can tech switch super fast, if with Terran you invest too heavily into bio just to get countered you're basically done.

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3rd problem i have is just how niche some of the Terran units are compared to most others, is there a reason why Void Rays, Tempest, Carriers and Mutalisks can attack both ground and ranged? The same goes for Archons and Hydras, meanwhile Banshees,Vikings,Marauders can attack only attack ground or air (im not counting Viking transform cause its useless) Marines are only good against air early game, late game Carriers and Broodlord completely destroy them meaning their ability to shoot up is completely irrelevant.

And lastly the late game, Ghosts and Liberators, again feels super clumsy and weird, like trying to scrape by a late game army, meanwhile Corruptor/Broodlord stomps everything and toss can just go either full air with Carrier and Void Rays, that can both attack air and ground targets, or just keep to their Archon, Immortal,Stalker deathball.

So what in the hell do i do? Just spam medivac drops and hope he doesn't group up and A move to my base?

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