Now is there a player leading the pack as the G.O.A.T.?

starcraft 1 - Now is there a player leading the pack as the G.O.A.T.?

Serious contenders for G.O.A.T. in my mind:

  1. MVP – Near domination during W.O.L. 3 GSL code S, BlizzCon, a GSL vs World (that's why he's referred to as 4-time GSL champ) and 4 other premier wins. His dominance was only matched by Life and Serral, but his top-levl wins were not. Yet his prowess was relatively short-lived, his wins were pared by the fact that Terran were considered OP by most at the time, and his wins came at a time when there're way more tournaments: 7 GSL code S in 2011 and there were also GSL vs World and other GSL supertournaments. There were also MLG, and IEM allows Korean players to take part. Mvp played in 12 code S and 2 GSL seasons when they don't separate code A/S.

  2. Life – A kid genius. He matched Mvp skill/dominance wise but disq.ed here due to scandal.

  3. sOs – Unmatched three time world champions (twice blizzcon, one time IEM). "la cucaracha", a true strategy genius that wins all the big ones. You don't have to love his style, but you gotta love his creativity. His candidacy is mainly marred by not winning code S and or prize less than $100K.

  4. Maru – Frankly he wouldn't have been in the conversation had it not been a crazily successful 2018. Unprecedentedly sweeping all GSLs in the same year, not just sweeping aside the criticism of "never won GSL" but decimated the claim by winning 3 in a row. Also winning an SSL, an OSL and a WESG too. After 2018 he's suddenly propelled into the GOAT discussion. Perhaps his main criticism as to GOAT is that his strategy is somewhat weak and that one marvelous year (and not world #1 in that year!) doesn't make you a GOAT yet.

  5. Serral – The undisputed world No. 1 in 2018 (despite Maru's dominance in GSL), not losing a final since June 2017, winning stacked GSL vs World and Blizzcon. He's undoubtedly the GOAT for foreigners. Like Maru, his criticism is one year does not make you a GOAT yet, and there're not enough stacked tournament wins (unfortunately due to region lock). But there's no question he's gonna stay among the very best for a while, so we'll see.

  6. Innovation – 3 GSL code S over 3 different years, a GSL vs world, an SSL, a WCS, and now a stacked WESG (stacked because it was truly stacked in Korea qualifier, AND he had to beat world #1 T and world #1 overall in semi and finals – the most difficult path in WESG history really). His longevity is unprecedented and achievement matching Mvp's despite more stacked/balanced fields. Moreover, his team league performance was also incredible, winning team league 3 times, MVP twice, numerous all kills. His early-career criticism includes lacking innovation in strategies (ikr), which frankly I think was fixed already. More recently his main criticism is not winning a big one despite being world #1 multiple times. GSL is as big as it is in terms of difficulty, but not in prize (and not a world champion). Now that he won WESG in impressive fashion (explained above), this concern is perhaps 80% removed (he won a big one and a world champion, although not the more prestigious Blizzcon or IEM).

Overall, who's your GOAT? I think Inno is leading the pack again (since 2017) – things could change of course as Maru and Serral are certainly going strong.

BTW other noteworthy but a tier or two below the above contenders: soO, Stats, Dark, Zest, MC, Taeja, TY, Rogue/Byun/Polt

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