Official WCS Schedule: One Fan’s Plea

starcraft 2 - Official WCS Schedule: One Fan's Plea

Hey guys. My name is Creighton – I’m a big Starcraft II nerd. In particular, you guys might know me as a
JN4GvxG - Official WCS Schedule: One Fan's Plea

big GSL fan.

As a foreigner living in Seoul, going to the GSL has been the highlight of my time in the country. Almost every Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon for a while now, I’ve been at the studios in Gangnam cheering for my favourite players and also Classic.

Since I am familiar with the setup and layout of the GSL, I get messages from a lot of foreigners who want to catch a match or two at the studio during their vacations to Seoul. I do my best to stay in contact with everyone who has questions and help them plan their experiences. Heck, I was lucky enough to shepherd a crowd of 15-20 folks for two of the finals last year! I’ve met tons of awesome folks, and I am glad I’m able to help demystify the GSL experience a bit. I even maintain digital calendars for the GSL and WCS events to make it easy for people to watch at home.

However, I wanted to highlight a pretty major problem for foreign viewers of the GSL. The official WCS scheduling page is often just plain wrong. Usually if it is incorrect, it’s only off by an hour or two. However, for the 2019 GSL Season 1 Finals, the date is one day off. This means that if someone was taking a vacation to come see the GSL finals and booked a Sunday flight home, they will now miss the finals – the entire reason they came to Seoul.


I’ve given bad advice to several travelers who have been in this boat before and it breaks my heart. I really do go out of my way to help people have a nice time when they visit Seoul for a once-in-a-lifetime SC2 experience. If I don’t have good information to act on, I can’t make sure that they get to the venue in time or on the right day. Some other sites like liquipedia have the times up, but they can be harder to find, and sometimes aren’t up until too close to gametime for planning.

Call to action: Blizzard, please have an intern spend a few hours verifying times on your official site with your GSL team. If you can’t find someone to manage your shit, I will do it for free. I already maintain usable calendars and do general SC2 brand ambassadorship here for you, so if you’d like someone to coordinate the official website, I’d be honoured to help. Please let me help drive traffic to your live events. We all want to see SC2 keep clawing back, and this is a huge stumbling block for visitors to the GSL. We love Starcraft: Please help us love it more.

GL, and more importantly, HF.


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