Orphaned Lore/Short Story portions of the SCII website down for the past three weeks

starcraft 9 - Orphaned Lore/Short Story portions of the SCII website down for the past three weeks

Hey folks, I know there's a minority who focuses on this, but I think this has been the best avenue to bring to light an issue that's been happening for the past few weeks.

Ever since the redesign of their website when they went f2p, massive portions of the StarCraft II website have been orphaned, with no links to them and not being updated in the new style. However, these have always been accessible to people who knew the links. While not ideal, this preserved massive portions of lore you can't find anywhere else. There are a number of character backstories and short stories that are expanded on this site.

Well now for three weeks these sites have been in “maintenance mode.”. Given that the media portions of the SCII website were reported to be going down, this is kind of worrying that these portions have been deleted. I reached out to BlizzardCS on twitter, got no response, posted on the forums and had my thread “moved” to a forum that didn't exist, and finally submitted a ticket, where they said they didn't know what was going on with the website.

It'd be on thing if they weren't referencing things from these stories, but:

  • The most recent Co-op content, Zeratul, has calldowns for Telbrus and Zoraya, two major characters from the short story Colossus. The map Malwarfare has the character Aldrion on it too.

  • In Heroes of the Storm, Blaze has an entire skin referencing Trevor “Smokin' Joe” Jacobs from the short story Collateral Damage.

  • Major details building up Vorazun, Rohana, the Spear of Adun, and Alarak were put in the short stories, which get referenced at in LotV itself. Ji'nara is from these short stories.

  • Most of the backstories of the cast of WoL are from portions of the website: the Iconic Force Field upgrade in Nova Covert Ops (and Heroes of the Storm) is from Stetmann's backstory that only shows up on this website.

  • The entire ARG building up to Nova Covert Ops's launch, which gave a ton of details for the characters, is currently inaccessible.

And many other references. A massive swath of the deeper context a lot of lore nerds care about are housed on this website.

So they do keep pulling from them, but as it stands now they are inaccessible to the majority of people. To top it all off a number of those stories were broken past the first page even when you did log in (just the first few WoL era stories though). Wayback machines work for some, but there are other things such as Project Blackstone and the “unit science” sections that use flash that can't be used with any sort of web archive.

The short stories themselves I've at least been able to preserve in an archive here, but planet, character and unit lore I don't think has been preserved by anyone yet. The wiki of course has information from these sources, but the wiki shouldn't substitute the primary sources.

If they have future plans for the website, I'm perfectly fine with waiting for a redesign, but currently they've been very silent on the issue. I'm just hoping we get some information on them regarding it.

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