Perfect Zerg – Evolved

starcraft 7 - Perfect Zerg - Evolved

Here we go again~

4 months ago, I figured out a cute little trick with Zerg where you can take a very early gas, put only 2 drones on that gas and have a much safer early game compared to hatch first openings. After several discussions about the math with various people, the cost is about 200-300 minerals, but you are also making up the cost of those minerals by forcing your opponent to spend more money on defenses they wouldn't typically be getting vs you. In PvZ, this manifests itself in the form of a zealot and shield battery. In TvZ, you can typically snipe their reaper, and an SCV or two and sometimes a MULE JUST as they're taking their natural.

Since then, the meta has shifted a bit. Protoss players are skipping the stargate entirely and Terran players are going for all kinds of weird crap from BC rushes to battle mech to the ancient double medivac marine drop with stim. As the game evolves, so too do I and so too do my cheesy builds. I'm back to share some interesting openers in ZvT and ZvP that should definitely work for anyone sub-GM, I can't really speak to GM-level play because I am not that good myself, nor do I care to be – doing crap like this is way more fun 😀 Anyway, on to the good stuff~

ZvP BO: +2 Stephano Roaches

14 overlord 14 gas + drone when you have 75 minerals 2 more drones at overlord spawn, 1 rallied toward gas, one toward minerals pull 1 drone off minerals to start mining gas as soon as your extractor pops 17 spawning pool 17 hatchery 2 more drones to get to 16 drones mining in the main + 2 on gas Queen + ling speed + 1 set of lings @ pool pop - in that order, that should put you at 21/22 supply 22 overlord, queue up the 2nd queen that 22 supply drone you made turns into an evo chamber use your lings to clear out any annoying probes fiddling about your base and move across the map. Your first scouting overlord should be in place over your opponent's natural by now, if there's an opening, feel free to flip the aggro switch and go ham, but there probably isn't, you have already damaged your opponent's economy simply by forcing him to make a zealot and probably battery that will be useless for the next 5 minutes. It's good to have a show of force though, if he sees lings dancing around outside his wall, he's likely to make MORE unnecessary defenses, bring your lings back home before the adept spawns though, the adept will eat your lings alive until speed kicks in around 2:50. After this point, your interest is to spam drones/overlords and fully saturate your natural, take a 3rd as soon as is economically feasible, and get +1 ranged attack on that evo chamber. As far as queen energy goes, I like to inject with the first queen, and when the 2nd queen pops, she injects while the first lays a creep tumor down at your natural - this typically lets you float a couple hundred minerals due to lack of larva, and enables you to take your 3rd at around 36 supply. Go ahead and supply cap yourself here for a bit, you can put those minerals toward a hatchery instead of the overlord. Once the hatchery is down, you can queue up an overlord, replace the drone, take the 3 gasses, and replace those drones, so your larva gets fully utilized throughout this in a meaningful way. If your opponent isn't being aggressive, go ahead and cancel ling speed - it's kinda useless once the whole adept situation is over. Whether you cancel ling speed or not, after you get the +1 range upgrade, you upgrade to lair as soon as you have 100 available gas, put 2 drones in each extractor, and slam down a roach warren. Drones on gas DO NOT take precedence over drones on minerals, you should be 16/16 for both bases throughout this. The only exception is if you have drones spawning immediately and have the free APM to move drones to gas NOW, you can shift some mineral drones to each extractor since they will be replaced immediately without much lost mining time. @lair pop, your priorities are to saturate the 3rd mineral line until you have 50 drones total - 8 on gas, 42 on minerals. Get roach speed rolling ASAPly, and your +1 range should be finishing up very shortly, start +2 as soon as available. Depending on which 2 base all-in your opponent chose... you actually don't really give a crap - just make roaches, a LOT of roaches. If Protoss doesn't expand, you just KEEP making roaches. If Protoss DOES expand, you can take the 2 gasses at your 3rd, put 2 drones on each, and take a 4th, THEN KEEP MAKING ROACHES. At some point, you will clash with your opponent's army, whether its at your base or his base, you PROBABLY want ravagers either way. I like to make 4. This lets you snipe a warp prism that stops for a warp in round too far forward, and/or clear out force fields to keep your army in one piece. It's up to you to decide what is important at any given point, but you really want 4 ravagers minimum, you can go up to 6 or 10 if the dance is lasting a really long time. If +2 range finishes, go ahead an queue up +1 carapace, throw down a hydra den, whatever, by this point, the game is likely over one way or another, regardless of what path you and your opponent chose. Once the 2-base allin nonsense is over, you can FINALLY throw that 3rd drone on each extractor, drone up to 90 drones, and move into a late game situation with a massive economy behind you. The whole point of this build is to safely take your 3rd and be ready for whatever P is throwing at you. 

ZvT BO: Nydus rush – sorta

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14 overlord 14 gas + drone when you have 75 minerals 2 more drones at overlord spawn, 1 rallied toward gas, one toward minerals pull 1 drone off minerals to start mining gas as soon as your extractor pops 17 spawning pool 17 hatchery 2 more drones to get to 16 drones mining in the main + 2 on gas ling speed + queen + 2 sets of lings @ pool pop - in that order, that should put you at 22/22 supply 22 overlord, queue up the 2nd queen what you do with those first 4 lings depends on what your opponent does with his first couple of units. The most standard opener is to have a reaper and/or SCV scout your bases. The SCV is often out of reach, but the reaper not so much. If he's being aggressive with his reaper, keep your lings in the main to defend, if he's being defensive with his reaper, sneak your lings out on the map somewhere and wait for ling speed to kick in. The goal here is to have lings approaching his natural at 2:45ish so speed kicks in RIGHT as you get in a fight. @natural hatch pop, upgrade it to a lair immediately saturate your natural mineral line with drones, and take a 3rd as soon as it's economically viable. Like above, I like to use the 2nd 25 energy on the first queen for a creep tumor at the natural, this lets you float minerals so you can take your 3rd base while you are supply capped at 36 supply, before you get your 4th overlord. @lair pop, take a 2nd gas and put down a roach warren. you should be around 120ish gas, so you're waiting JUST a few seconds for those original 2 drones to get you up to 150 for that nydus canal. Go ahead and queue up some extra queens and lings, and get ready to go ham on your opponent, you want ~45ish drones total, but are still on 2 gasses, with 4 drones mining. @nydus pop - go ahead and drop a nydus in your opponents main base, hopefully he doesn't see it. If he does, it's actually not really a big deal, he doesn't have anything to adequately clear it out without pulling SCVs at this point anyway. Regardless, you're PROBABLY going to be able to unload a bunch of units in his base to varying degrees of success. You won't win the game here, but you will cause chaos with his main mineral line. As soon as that worm is done, start building one at his natural for your 2nd set of lings to come out and harass THOSE workers too. Once that first wave of nydus BS is over, go ahead and throw down a spire, take 2 more gasses, and start adding roaches into your nydus canal. You're mostly just bouncing back and forth between your opponent's main and natural - the game should be utter chaos in the near term, don't forget your macro in all of this. Keep churning out queens/lings/roaches/drones and slowly saturate that 3rd while flooding your opponents base with annoying units. @spire go ahead and start making mutas. If you banked up gas, you should be able to make 5+ mutalisks. You can stockpile them until you get 10 or so. About this point in time your opponent is either A) dead, or B) FINALLY getting a handle on his base and clearing those overlords out with marines/vikings. We aren't done yet though. With your 10 mutas, you fly to your opponents base, harass some SCVs, he needs to start building turrets, and you're dropping nydus worms wherever you see an opening. Just when he thought it was over, you drive the game back into chaos and keep going ham - take a 4th, grow your muta flock so you can kill turrets and stray marines, fully saturate all 8 gasses, get 90 drones, a couple evo chambers, and work your upgrades in behind all this insane aggro - HIS economy is in shambles, yours shouldn't be. 

And with that, you can collect the sweet sweet tears of your enemies, I know I'll be getting plenty of salt in this thread 😀

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