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Petition to ban Avilo

starcraft 3 - Petition to ban Avilo

Hello everyone, I come to you with a humble request. We have all seen the constant posts about Avilo and his toxicity on ladder, qualifiers, and streaming alike. He has been temp banned before for these actions, from both blizzard and from twitch. I think he has been given plenty of chances to redeem himself, but over these past few days during qualifiers has proven that he has done no self-reflection or improvement. I think it's time that we, as a community, step up. We ultimately pay for the prize pools for these events, and I say it's about time we contact blizzard with this request. I am going to attempt to get into contact with someone at blizzard to speak to them about this issue. The thing that tipped me over the edge was Avilo's blatant breaking of the rules during the qualifiers which states that you are not allowed to switch races between games in a series. He proceeded to do so anyway. As you all know, he constantly calls people names and says things that are completely disrespectful and uncalled for as far as esports go, he constantly attacks the developers and balance team of one of the greatest games ever made, and possibly the worst, is a terrible sportsman. He never loses with grace, he rages everytime he loses. If he were to slip once and get mad, I'd understand. But every single loss he loses his mind, and goes off on the opponent. One of the recent posts on this subreddit also talked about how he made his buildings fly around as Terran just so he could talk more smack to his opponent and about Starcraft's Dev team. This is completely over the line, and violates the rules of the qualifiers. If you agree with me, drop a comment saying why, and If you'd like to upvote it to get more exposure, please do so. I'll post a follow up to this if I can manage to get into contact with someone at blizzard to talk to.

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tldr: going to try and contact blizzard about the Avilo situation. Leave a comment if you agree with him being banned, or if you don't with an explanation. Updoots are appreciated for more exposure.

Thank you! I hope to hear your thoughts!

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    Feb 11, 2019 6:49 pm

    Avilo is a pillar of toxicity in the community, He frequently verbally abuses people on ladder, on stream. It’s not the kind of community that any blizzard game needs, and this is coming from a guy who watches all the people talking about politics religion and gay sex in general chat and things ” this is mild compared to other games I play”.

    Avilo is harassing people in the community in real life, and is a known stalker. he has received twitch bans for both offenses, and it’s time to get rid of him.

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