Quality of Life Roundup

starcraft 8 - Quality of Life Roundup

Hello SC2 peeps,

Its been a while since the game has received a polish (Dec. 19, 2019) and wanted to round up the community's quality of life requests and make some noise so perhaps Blizzard takes note for the next round. We know they're been receptive to this in the past so hopefully we can put together some reasonable requests and get them through!

Lets do requests aimed at reducing frustration and increase the QOL for the players, but also for viewers, since there are some derpy and clunky moments out there that I think can easily be fixed (see ultra, for example, that would make the game look better). Better viewing means more eyeballs which converts to more players/revenue and therefore motivation to actually implement such changes.

Examples implemented in past include: high-templar auto-attack (to keep them from wandering into battle upon A-move), zerg being able to re-build new hatchery next to eggs from just-killed hatchery, gates automatically transforming to warp-gates once warp researched, observer and overseer 'spy' mode where they lock in place, etc.

Looking to keep these suggestions to QOL as much as possible, as balance is a whole other discussion. I'll add the most popular requests to body of post as a summary (with credit) and if we get anywhere here will cross post to team liquid and the blizz forum.


  1. Drones refusing to make a spore/spines:This happens usually in mineral lines, when other workers glide past and obstruct the area for a second and cancel the build command. Just let the building drone take priority over the square or have a longer timeout for the instruction. This happens OFTEN, leaving and idling drone and no structure, and early on can end a game due to what looks like a game glitch
  2. Ultralisks: Let them walk over zerglings, to remove their derpyness:This mechanic is present for Colossus already, and makes so much sense for the ultra in this limited form. They look so stupid in games wiggling back and forth while stuck in a swarm of lings. A T3 unit shouldn't be so easily neutralized by its own forces (this request is comparable to high-templar auto-attack imo, which was delivered)
  3. Infestor microbial shroud ability:Can this get looked at in ANY way? Its just a shame that this new ability NEVER gets used. Perhaps more of a balance point, but noting it as a dead appendage of the game.


  1. Recall sound effect, in the vein of nydus, battlecruiser teleport, nuke warning, etc.
  2. Tint sentry force-fields in player color. Nice to have for spectators in PvP to know who's doing what


  1. Terran add-ons should be able to be built on either side (but not both at the same time, obviously)

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