Queens are the reason why Zergs dominate.

starcraft 10 - Queens are the reason why Zergs dominate.

I'm talking from Terran viewpoint, Terran who has played this game from the beta and I don't think I'm not the only one who thinks that the chances for Terran doing stuff (eg. 2base allin, tank push, drop play) has gone from "if I play well I might have a chance" to "If enemy ain't braindead they should defend it easily".

  • Which makes Terrans want to go lategame —>

  • Which creates less entertaining games to the players and to the viewers.

Right now we are at the point that Zerg needs to make 7 Queens and Baneling nest and it doesn't matter what Terran makes, Zerg can EASILY defend it off. Even Serral has said that he doesn't fear anything if he has 7 Queens and Baneling nest: ( Finnish Discord).

In the past Zergs had to make other units to defend early pushes which reduced drone count and made techs slower. Why is this so important? So why am I bringing this up?

  • a) Queens come from hatchery so Zergs can make more drones and even more drones because you don't need to fear anything.

  • b) Queens enables allins. Queens used to be defending unit but these days it's used to enforce pushes eg. Nudys allins and roach pushes.

  • c) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Because of the Queens every Zergs can spread the creep so much that Terrans can't push it back. I mean did anyone example look today Heromarine vs Reynor? This is the normal +10minute situation in TvZ Creep is allover the map, so you can't drop or push which creates stall games(And in my opinion boring games compared to the golden TvZ age).


Does anyone remember golden Hots days when Terrans could just keep sending drops and marine squads everywhere? I do. I mean there are other reasons that this is not happening anymore ex. Infestors and Baneling buff but Queens are the main reason this is happening.

WHY THE heck can Zergs cancel Creep tumor. They make a mistake so they can just press cancel button and send it again?? Or why can Nudys worm be healed with Transfuse at all?

I know what Zergs think and TBH I agree, "If we nerf Queens Battlecruisers will be a big problem". YEAH I agree, and I think EVERY TERRAN would agree to nerf BC jump if we could have our 10 other builds back. Can we make Queens so that not every Zerg automaticly gets 7 of them because they are AMAZING?

I'm honestly surprised that Blizzard didn't even address Queens on the latest patch. If Blizzard would nerf Queens, game would be more entertaining and way more balanced.


  • Queens defends every push so Zergs can drone up and get huge eco lead.
  • Queens gives Zergs strong midgame and enables ALLINS.
  • Queens put Zergs strong lategame position due unstoppable CREEP spread and (Movement speed and vision). I mean it's pretty easy to play the game when you see 80% of the map?

Fun fact Blizzard changed Queen AA range from 7—>8 BECAUSE Kespa told them that Liberators are too OP. But now Blizzard thinks they need to change Liberator range but no Queen AA range revert.

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