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Hello fellow nerds. There hasn't been one of these threads in quite awhile because everything has been pretty "business as usual". Lately we've had a few changes to the sub and the mod team just want to make sure everyone is up to speed.


First off, as you all may be aware we recently went through a phase of recruitment in order to bring on some new moderators. After a good process of discussion and debate, I would like you all to welcome our new mods:

Alluton - /r/starcraft State of the subreddit


Concordiaa - /r/starcraft State of the subreddit


and last but not least

ABCdropbear - /r/starcraft State of the subreddit


Some you may recognize from around the sub cough Alluton cough and others may be less familiar but we're certain they'll all bring good experience and dedication to the team and help us keep the subreddit clean and moving smoothly going forward.


Next up we have a small bit of housekeeping. As our more eagle-eyed observers may have noticed there has been a bit of a reshuffling of the mod order on the sidebar, and the more inquisitive may have noticed most people have had their "time as mod" reset. This is all related to the stepping down of
/u/candymancan as the head moderator of the subreddit, this is mostly due to his overall reduction in reddit activity and his feeling that he was no longer active enough on the subreddit for it to be fair to continue. In response to this he nominated myself to take over as head mod and we had the admins reorder the mod list – which they did in the most inelegant fashion of removing everyone and reinviting them, scaring the bejeezus out of the entire mod team at the same time and making us think there had just been a takeover.

All jokes aside I want to sincerely thank CMC for his time as a mod on the subreddit, even if you don't know him by name (you probably don't if you joined the community in the last 2-3years when he was mostly active only behind the scenes) believe me when I say he has been a core part of keeping this sub running for a very long time and his opinion was always treated somewhat like the commandments from God among the mod team due to his experience and reasonable attitude.

So going forward I'm head mod….great, what does that mean for you the users of the subreddit? Absolutely nothing as far as myself or the other mods are concerned, the head mod thing is more of a formality and we've never really practiced formal rank/hierarchy more of just a system of respect towards senior mods that have earned it. If you have an issue you're still best off sending a mod mail which will be seen by all mods exactly as before and handled ASAP.


Now the things that actually do affect the users. First off we have some rule changes. This are not large for the most part, and are mainly just to adjust the text of the rules to how the mod team has generally be interpreting/enforcing them for the last while. The largest change comes to the Relevance rule

For those that don't know this is the rule related to whether or not a post is considered relevant enough to starcraft for it to be posted to the subreddit. As some of our more common posters are aware this rule has lead to some sparing between the mods, the posters and even some users consuming the content. As such we have given the rule a bit of an overhaul. The new form of the rules are found here and to save you a click for the big one:

RELEVANCE RULE: The core content of all submissions must be directly relevant to starcraft. Core content is defined as "The central focus/content of the post".

Core content is generally considered relevant if it contains starcraft related imagery, is news/opinion/blog/article etc. directly referencing or directly affecting starcraft – either game, lore or esports – or directly referencing Blizzard. Jokes sufficiently relevant to starcraft players in comic form – for example – are allowed. An irrelevant joke in web comic format does not become relevant just because a starcraft image is photoshopped into it unless the starcraft image is used to significantly alter the context/focus of the joke/content"

  • Note: Jokes in meme format are not allowed

  • Note: The relevance rule pertains exclusively to Link posts, not comments and generally not text posts (unless your text post only contains a link).

  • Note: StarCraft personalities (professional gamers, casters/commentators, or industry insiders) and organizations are considered "StarCraft material."

  • In the event that it is ambiguous if the content is relevant it may be allowed or removed at the discretion of the mods pending review/discussion between the team. If you feel your post was removed in error feel free to contact the mod team and detail why you believe the content is relevant and was removed in error.

I'd like to thank
gemini 19 - /r/starcraft State of the subreddit

/u/gemini_19 for being a generally useful pain in the ass and forcing us to sit down and formalize these changes. I know you probably still hate the new rule and I wouldn't have it any other way 🙂


That may be a bit dense for some to parse but many will note that this rule is slightly more open than it has been in the past, this is intentional and is to experiment with meeting what many users want from the subreddit while remembering that many people come here for starcraft, starcraft content, events etc. if they wanted just memes and gifs and macros and shitposts there are other subs and sites dedicated to those things.

The main sections of the rule to note the changes are:

  • Core content – This is the central focus of the post. I believe most people understand the idea of this but in short its what is the main point of the joke or what is the main part of the image the user is guided to.

  • Directly – this is an important word. Directly relevant by definition does not mean tangentially relevant. If it is related to gamers and starcraft players are gamers IT IS NOT RELEVANT. Why? because it is not directly relevant to starcraft there are other places for gamer posts

  • Most of the rule's body is the same as before but the section on "jokes" has been updated, this is to allow jokes in some more common formats, such as web comics. However, note the first "Note". We wanted to be explict on this, we're still not allowing average meme posts. Why? Because memes are easy to mass produce, popular among karma farmers and generally low quality. To give examples, this web comic would be allowed:
    this meme:
    im masters on starcraft 2 na - /r/starcraft State of the subreddit would not be allowed.

  • Please note the section on "irrelevant jokes" previously our band-aid for dealing with irrelevant content was to photoshop starcraft imagery into the joke/meme/image etc. frankly this was stupid, and it may also be considered a bit lazy on our part. It came from a combination of not wanting to change the rule but accepting that many users like being able to read silly posts that they can relate to. Now however we believe we have given enough options for people to make sure their joke/post is directly relevant to starcraft – especially with the "used to significantly alter the context/focus of the joke/content" section which gives you some leway to use your photoshop skills to make it work.

I feel the rest should be straight forward. If you feel your post was removed in error please modmail us, the relevance rule has been a standard thing for at least 4 but I believe more years, we're liable to get somethings slightly wrong in the early days and these mistakes can be used to further tailor the rule and ofc make sure all mods are on the same page regarding the rule.


The period of time, not the player.
So some of the things we're currently working on are "changes to the spoiler system" yes you crazy bastards nerds who have been bombarding us with your opinion on how useless we are because we allow spoilers in titles. We are looking into this rule and ways to give all users the experience they want, I've been studying how various other subs deal with spoilers including css tricks for hiding them and when we've decided on how best to handle this we will move ahead with the relevant changes we will ofc keep you informed.

We also intend to make better use of the removal reason system on reddit to ensure people who have their posts removed are notified of why.

If you've kept up with me this far thank you very much for being an awesome person and member of our community. If you have any observations, reservations or mind numbing, mouth frothing issues with anything here speak now or….well modmail us whatever, we got time.

{insert cheesy race related sign off that I can't think of cause I play random and deserve to die}

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