/r/starcraft Warchest Race Bundle Giveaway 2019. 15 prizes!

starcraft 10 - /r/starcraft Warchest Race Bundle Giveaway 2019. 15 prizes!

Hello everyone,

It is that time of the year again where we run our now annual pre blizzcon giveaway! Our community representative has graciously provided us with 15 warchest prizes this time around which is pretty awesome! As we did last year, this giveaway's theme will focus around our awesome esports scene and the WCS global finals.

In the past, we used to run the full warchest bundle with about 5-10 prizes to give. This year however, we are doing it a bit differently. This year the prizes are race specific bundles however with 15 to giveaway! So when you go ahead and decide to enter, please make sure you have an idea as to which race bundle you want to go for as users are limited to one entry.

To give you an idea, here is a link on more information as to what each bundle includes:

Scroll down to the "what's inside section" and take a look.

For the Terran Race bundle, it will be the Tyrador Terran skins

For the Zerg Race bundle, it will be the Cerberus Zerg skins

For the Protoss Race bundle, it will be the IhanRii Protoss skins

So what that means is, each key will unlock one specific race bundle. So how are we going to do this?

Giveaway logistics and entry requirements:

As such, here is how this will work.

  1. Since this is the themed giveaway, along with specifying what race bundle you would like, we would also like to see some WCS and Starcraft esports hype. You can give a shoutout to your most favourite starcraft esports player, or tell us what was your most favourite starcraft esports moment of all time. Heck! Tell us what your most favourite caster moment of all time was even. We would love to just celebrate this time of year by sharing what brings us together here and what made us absolutely fall in love with the esports scene of this game. Do not forget this step.

  2. All accounts must be 24 hours old from when this post goes up so as to avoid fake account entries.

  3. One entry per person. In other words, please do not make multiple entry comments as then the raffle script will not pick up your comments.

  4. Please indicate your race bundle of choice in your entry comment. So you say "Hello! I would like to enter for the zerg race bundle" etc etc.

  5. All comments must be relevant to the giveaway. Please do not derail the thread with conversations unrelated to the giveaway.

  6. Needless to say, the usual subreddit rules also apply to this thread.

This giveaway will run for exactly one week and will end on Monday October 21st at 11:20 AM UTC. I will be using a reddit raffle script to pick the winners and each winner will receive a pm that will include a key and instructions on how to redeem it.


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