Rambly noob anecdote

starcraft 9 - Rambly noob anecdote

Kinda new to SC2, friend recently got me into it, just started playing unranked 1v1s (probs should start playing ranked)

I main zerg, mainly cos it's kinda been a dream of mine, and I'm determined to get my APM over 100. So far I've just been having fun, messing around, learning the basics of SC2. I'll probably start reading guides and timings soon.

Anyways to the story, which I should probably double check against my replay, but I'm kinda comfy where I am.

Played an unranked against I believe a bronze 2 today, went pretty well. Proud of my gameplay, upgrades came out slow, ovy placement was trash, but I actually remembered to inject and upgrade, so that's good.


Opponent killed my third base with I believe a ling rush, my roaches cleared that pretty well, then he used mutas to murder my mineral lines, which my hydras cleaned up eventually and he finally spammed banelings into my hatcheries.

Dude had 163 APM to my 60+…

Kinda got salty and dropped a “ffs dude” as he suicide bombed my final hatchery. To be fair, he had managed to make me embarassed in front of nobody.

So I guess I have a couple of questions, first, how do I counter banelings, and second, how do I counter mutas.

Thanks for reading, if my friend or the dude I played against finds this, hi! Thanks for the fun 🙂

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