[Rant] Spoilers, Blocks, Reporting, and Terrible Matchmaking.

starcraft 10 - [Rant] Spoilers, Blocks, Reporting, and Terrible Matchmaking.

Hello all,

I'm just ranting. Take this as nothing more than that. It will accordingly be rather disjointed.

A long time ago (think Wings of Liberty and Early Heart of the Swarm), I used to play 1v1. Not a lot, and mostly casually, but I did.

I realized after reaching Top 8 1v1 Gold (I started in low Silver) that I didn't really like the 1v1 as much as I liked 4v4 where I could have more fun as opposed to the demanding gameplay of 1v1 which felt more like work to me. I stopped playing 1v1 at that time and have since played team games almost exclusively – with most of my time geared towards 4v4.

For a couple of years, I took a break from StarCraft, but picked it up again about a year-and-a-half ago.

At this stage, I'm Diamond in 4v4 and 3v3. In getting to this point, one thing I have noticed – particularly since StarCraft went Free-to-Play – is that the team game playerbase is extremely toxic. This is especially true in 4v4. Whether it be general "bm" in chat, racism, sexism, or general poor actions such as griefing or backstabbing, a lot of the player base in general reminds me of how early League used to be perceived – except without any moderation from Blizzard.

In today's instance, I've been blocking people left and right who have been attempting to post spoilers for "Avengers: Endgame" in chat. I've also been reporting them for it — though I have no idea why I'm bothering as another thing my experience has demonstrated to me is that all reports (regardless of their report reason) are most likely routed straight to /dev/null. Unless someone can prove to me otherwise, 10 years (sans the time I took off) of StarCraft 2 have provided me with absolutely zero reason to believe that Blizzard performs any kind of community moderation whatsoever.


On the topic of report options, I find them to be terribly lacking. Your choices are "Spam", "Abusive Chat", "Inappropriate Name", and "Cheating/Botting/Hacking". There are no report sections for "Griefing" which is incredible given that this game has multiple team-based components. There is no mechanism (such as vote-kick) by which to remove a teammate who is abusive, griefing, or simply AFK.

One thing that happened today which bothers me speaks to how Blizzard handles reports, and how matchmaking works. In one game (4v4) where a teammate attempted to post Avengers: Endgame spoilers, I immediately muted that teammate and proceeded to play. They took umbrage to this and decided that they would "troll" me by using their units (drones and queen) to kill my base. This, of course, resulted in an inevitable loss as they were simultaneously also rushed by the Zerg player on the opposing team. Whatever – I deal with at least one of these types a day. I block, report (pointlessly), and move on.

Two games later, the same player is not only matchmade with me in the same game, but they're placed on my same team. Surely enough, they griefed and attacked me 3 minutes in with their zerglings (which left them, of course, wide open for the rush that hit them). Two losses on the day and 40 MMR points lost in a span of 5-6 minutes (not counting the 10 spent sitting on matchmaking).

What do I want out of this? Absolutely nothing. I'm just ranting. Upvote or Downvote as you see fit.

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