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I ran a mapmaking contest that received some awesome entries for SC1, SC2, and WC3. When I made the winners video, I passed it along to the community reps who then tossed it up on the SC Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Look, I showcase some real niche, custom stuff and do not exclusively play Blizzard games, yet they still linked my video.

First, thank you SC2 community reps/Traysent! Second, if someone as abstractly related to the SC community as I am got some love, I really cannot see how a post memeing the opposite ( gets nearly 1000 upvotes in agreement.

And I'm not putting Rifkin on blast by saying that. BaseTrade is great and I'm certain he has his own personal experiences in the esports industry justifying his opinions. He also has a lot more to gain/lose based on Blizzard's direct involvement than me or anyone else in the proverbial peanut gallery. Said peanut gallery that mindlessly agreed though must really have no idea how friendly the community reps are. So, even though it was obviously meant for just a laugh, it was pretty unfair.

Anyway, all I did was send a mail their way with a brief explanation of who I am and what the contest was along with the disclaimer that I understand that I may not meet whatever standards they require for promotion. For the record, I had these e-mails back and forth with them before the meme post went up here. In any case, just wanted to share that I had a friendly, normal experience!

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