Recap of 2019, Day 6 : TIME, HeroMarine, Elazer, Showtime

starcraft 5 - Recap of 2019, Day 6 : TIME, HeroMarine, Elazer, Showtime

Here's a link to Day 1 which briefly covers the meta in 2019.

Day 2 : Serral and Dark — Day 3 : Reynor and Trap — Day 4 : Classic and Neeb — Day 5 : Maru and SpeCial

Newbee TIME – ro4 WCS America Spring, ro8 in every other WCS, China's Greatest, 5th seed from WCS circuit

Recent Results :

TvZ :

Against Elazer (GSL vs the World), Time has a fantastic series, losing mainly in the late game. TIME looks like an asbolute menace against soO (

) and Serral (

) as well. While I am concerned that he consistently lets it get to late game in this current meta, he looks comfortable enough that its hard to complain.

TvT : Few results this year, and I apologize but I can't find any on youtube. Here's his match history on aligulac. Based on the match history alone, he doesn't appear to have the strongest TvT, losing to Gumiho and Special recently.

TvP : Neeb (

) plays a great series against TIME. Time looks like he wants to play the same bio tank as with his TvZ, but doesn't multi-prong harass the same.

Expectations :

If Time gets mostly TvZ then I could see him getting pretty deep in the tournament, but I can't see him beating Dark and Serral now that his skill in the match up is known. I don't have much hope for him climbing through the brackets on the back of his TvT or TvP.

mousesports HeRoMaRinE – "the sun sets when he rises and the sun rises as he lays down" -Artosis, 2019. 3rd WCS Winter EU, ro4 WCS Summer, Big Gabe, 6th seed from WCS Circuit.

Recent Results :

TvZ : HeroMarine has three close losses to Serral (WCS Fall), losing mainly to Serral's godlike late game.

TvT : Very few results seems to be the theme for TvT. Big Gabe looks very solid in two series in a row against Gumiho (



TvP : The big man looks sharp against Showtime (

), losing one late game and narrowly losing another game after getting all in, but ultimately showing a victory.

Expectations :

I suspect dreams of this tournament are too small for Big Gabe. He probably has his sights on 2020, which I think he has a greater chance of winning if he can keep up his impressive improvement. I don't think HeroMarine is currently at the level needed to be 2019's champion.


AGO Esports Elazer – 2nd GSL vs the World, ro16 WESG, 4 time ro8 WCS, 7th seed from WCS

Recent Results : Elazer plays what looks like could be the tournament of his life at GSL vs the World. With that kind of performance at global finals, Elazer might make it to ro8.
ZvT : Against TIME (GSL vs the World), if you took out the names it looks like it could easily be two top Koreans facing off in a finals.

ZvZ : Elazer gets clapped by Reynor (

). Less recently, a victory over Dark (

) inspires a little more confidence.

ZvP : Elazer is currently on a 10 win streak against foreign Protosses. Against PtitDrogo (

), Elazer shows some all ins.

Expectations :

I think its fair to say Elazer is the least promising Zerg seed. You can never write off Elazer though, considering his performance at GSL vs the World. Anybody at Global Finals who fails to take Elazer seriously might just be tossed out the tournament.

Mkers ShoWTimE – ro4 WCS Summer, ro8 Winter and Spring, 8th seed from WCS circuit

Recent Results :

PvZ : Showtime holds against Cham (


PvT : Showtime fights the good fight against HeroMarine (


PvP : Against Neeb, (GSL vs the World) he shows he has what it takes to compete with the best in PvP

Expectations :

Same with Elazer, I think its fair to say he's the least promising Protoss seed. Somebody might underestimate him and drop a series in groups, but I don't think Showtime will eliminate anybody.

Ranks for Foreign Terrans :

vZ : Time > HeroMarine > Special

vT : HeroMarine > Special&TIME

vP : Special > HeroMarine > TIME

Ranks next to Expectations are my personal conclusions as to how the players would rank compared to other players of the same race if they only played that match up. I'd love to hear your opinions! Day 7 and 8 will be a return to the previous form, and include Rogue/Soo and herO/Stats respectively. If there's anything I missed or anything you would like me to add tomorrow please let me know.

Post Script : Just a little musing, but it seems like HeroMarine, TIME, and Special represent the Terran Holy Trinity, with HeroMarine representing Macro, Special being multi-prong harrass, and TIME representing micro. Sorry the post is late, there will be another one tonight to return it to normal schedule. I think I know what Day 9 will be now, but I won't spill the beans now.

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